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  1. When an individual needs to file a health ins. claim, what are his responsibilities?
    • notice is required within 20 days
    • -proof of loss must be submitted within 90 days
  2. What are the grace periods for an individual (health) policy?
    • -7 days for weekly pay
    • -10 days for monthly pay
    • -31 days for all others
  3. how much time does an insurer have to acknowledge receipt of a claim
    10 working days
  4. Changes of address (agent),...
    must be reported to commissioner within 30 days
  5. legal actions against ins company by insured
    • not before 60 days after proof of loss
    • not after 3 years after proof of loss
  6. if a consumer requests addl info regarding an Investgative Consumer Report, how long does the insurer or reporting agency have to comply?
    5 days
  7. max time limit for reinstatement of a policy
    3 yrs
  8. re: reinstatement - back payments may not exceed:
    • -110% of increase of cash.sur.valu. resulting from reinstatement
    • -the sum of overdue premiums + max interest of 8%
  9. policy is incontestable by insurer after it's been in force for how long
    • 2 yrs
    • *except in case of misstatement of age, sex or identity
  10. how many days noticed is required by insurer when a policy is going to lapse because of an outstanding loan
    30 days
  11. policy loan request may be deferred for how long
    6 months
  12. tax status of insurance dividends
    dividends not taxable, interest on them is
  13. Living Needs Rider requires that death is expected within..
    2 yrs
  14. a complete decision regarding payment of a claim must be made within
    30 days
  15. insurer must pay claim within how many days of decision
    5 days
  16. investigative consumer report cannot be made unless consumer is advised in writing about the report within how many days of request
    3 days
  17. if consumer requests add'l informaton about the invest. cons. report, insurer or reporting agency has how long to provide?
    5 days
  18. # days to file notice of appointment w/ commisioner
  19. # days to notify of appointment termination
  20. # days to send copy of termination to producer
  21. # days to reinstate laped license w/o taking examination
    24 mos.
  22. #days to report change of address (producer)
  23. # days to report admin action or criminal prosecution of producer
  24. license renewal period
    2 yrs
  25. annual renewal date for certs. of authority
    JUn 14
  26. $ fine for violation of air credit reporting act
  27. $ fine for violation of insurance code
  28. how mny hrs of continuing education per renwal period must be on ethics
    min of 3, max of 10
  29. # hrs of approved continued education course work that must be completed per renwal period
  30. how long before lincesne expiration date must continuing education be completed
    60 days before
  31. waiting period for coverage for sickness after reinstatement
    10 days
  32. waiting period for coverage for accidents after reinstatement
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