P3 Survival Equipment

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  1. Where is the SAR bar located?
    Under the port galle seat. (in some planes its attached to the head door.)
  2. How should the fire ax be used?
    • 1. Make a horizontal cut in the insulation
    • 2. Use the pick end to puncture the fuselage
    • 3. Cut an inverted U
    • 4. Kick the door outward
  3. How many emergeny lights in the plane? Where are they located?
    4. One at each overwing exit, main cabin door, and flight station. (the lights come on at 1.5 lateral G's)
  4. How many fire extinguishers are there, and where are they located?
    3. One by the nav comm station, one at the sono bouy rack, and one at the aft end of the plane.
  5. What is the standard life raft placement configuration on aircraft?
    One 12 man on the starboard side with a 7-8 man behind it. One 7-8 raft on the port side.(some a/c may be configured with two 12 man life rafts)
  6. What features make the MPLR (mulit-place life raft) different from the LRU-13/14?
    • 1. No hand pump
    • 2. Self erecting canopy
    • 3. 2 large boarding ramps
    • 4. Automatic sea marker light
    • 5. MPLR's inflate when the a/c sinks
    • 6. MPLR's are certified to 50% capacity
  7. Name the minimum survial gear located in the vest.
    • Sights-6
    • Signal kit, signal light, signal flare, signal mirror, flashlight, penlight
    • Sounds-2
    • radio, whistle,
    • Misc-5
    • knife, hook blade, compass, 4 oz water bottle, two dye markers
  8. Discribe the use of the pencil flare.
    • Pen should be cocked
    • Screw the pencil into the flare
    • Hold at a 45 degree angle
    • Pull trigger and release
  9. How many pen flares are there?
    7 (one for everyday of the week)
  10. How long does the smoke flare last, and which side is the day/night?
    Approx. 20 sec. Night is ribbed, day is smooth. (ribbed for her pleasure)
  11. What three colors does the strobe light emit.
    white, blue, infared
  12. How many thin pack parachutes does the P-3 usually carry? What is the model #
    21. P22P21
  13. What is the decent rate of the parachute?
    20ft per second
  14. How many first aid kits are on the plane.
    Two. Four if you count the ones in the liferafts.
  15. How many water breakers are on the plane, and what are there capacities?
    Two, 2.5. (dont forget about the extra breaker in the head.)
  16. How many gallons of fresh water per hour can the MROD provide?
  17. What are the 3 frequencies on the ARN 149?
    243.0, 121.5, 282.8
  18. Name the four modes on the ARN-149.
    GPS, Voice, Triple Beacon, 406
  19. Radio battery life is how long in these modes.
    1. 406.025
    2. Triple freq.
    • 1. 48 hrs
    • 2. 24 hrs
  20. What color must the EEBD indicator be in order to use the device?
  21. What is the MAXimum use time for the EEBD?
    15 minutes
  22. Depending on the users exertion levels, the VRU can last from____to ____minutes?
    5-60 minutes
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