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  1. what is found in the saturation zone?
  2. what change in state of matter occurs during evaporation ?
    liquid to gas
  3. Water enters an aquifer through _________ ?
    Recharge zone
  4. Which material below would be the MOST permeable ?
    • A. Gravel
    • B. Soil
    • C. Sand
    • D. All of the ABOVE
  5. What could cause a water table to drop ?
    • A. An increase of water use in the table
    • B. Decrease in rain
    • C. Too much wind
    • D. Both A and B
  6. The release of moisture through the leaves of a plant is called ?
    • A. Condensation
    • B. Precipitation
    • C. Transpiration
  7. The picture below shows : 1- unsaturated
    2- Water table
    4- impermeable rock
    What is located in blank 3 on the diagram above?
    Image Upload 1
    • A. Saturated zone
    • B. condensation
    • C. gravel
  8. What is watershed?
    A. Wher groundwater is found
    B. The land area that suplies water to a large body of water such as a river or lake
    C. wher water enters an aquifer
  9. Which energy source powers the water cycle?
    • A. Wind
    • B. Gravity
    • C. The Sun
  10. Water is a ___________ Resource?
    • A. Renewable
    • B. Non-Renewable
  11. Which of the following are examples of condensation?
    • A. Sunlight evaporating a puddle and water disapearing from a boiling pot
    • B. Water clinging to the side of a cold glass and cloud formation
    • C. Pollution collecting on raindrops and water forming on leaves or plants
  12. What is in the air that makes you feel hot and sticky?
    • A. Transipiration
    • B. Oxygen
    • C. Humidity
  13. Evaporation is __________?
    A. When liquid turn to gas
    B. Water falling from the sky
    C. What clouds are made up of
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