Latin 1K (aa-am) Top 1,000

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  1. a/ab (+ ab)
    from, by
  2. abbas -atis
    abbot, father, respected monk (early)
  3. abeo abire abii abitum
    I go away
  4. absum abesse afui
    I am out, absent, away
  5. ac
  6. accedo -ere accessi accessus
    I come near; agree with
  7. accido -ere accidi
    I happen
  8. accipio -ere accepi acceptus
    I accept, take in, receive
  9. accuso -are -avi -atum
    I accuse
  10. acer acris acre
    keen, sharp, fierce
  11. acies aciei
    line, battle line, army
  12. acriter
    keenly, eagerly, fiercely
  13. ad (+ ak)
    to, toward, at, about, near
  14. addo -ere -idi -itum
    I add, join
  15. adduco -ere adduxi adductus
    I lead up to, away; persuade
  16. adeo
    so much, so greatly
  17. adeo -ire -ii -itum
    I go to, approach
  18. adhuc
    up til now, still
  19. adicio -ere adjeci adjectus
    I add, increase; suggest; throw
  20. adimo -ere ademi ademptum
    I take away
  21. adipiscor -i -adeptus sum
    I obtain
  22. aditus aditus
    approach access; attack; chance
  23. adiuvo -are -vi -tus
    I help
  24. admiror -ari -atus sum
    I admire, respect; am surprised at
  25. admitto -ere admisi admissum
    I let in, permit
  26. adsum adesse adfui
    I am present, here
  27. adulescens adulescentis
    youth, young man
  28. advenio -ire -i
    I arrive
  29. adventus adventus
  30. adversus -a -um
    facing, hostile, opposite
  31. adversus + ak
    facing, opposite, against
  32. adversus: res adversus
  33. aedificium -i
  34. aedifico -are -avi
    I build
  35. aedis -is
    temple (pl: aides -ium, house)
  36. aeger aegra aegrum
    sick, ill
  37. aequus -a -um
    equal, fair, calm
  38. aes aeris
    money, fee; copper; gong
  39. aestas aestatis
  40. aetas aetatis
  41. aeternus -a -um
    eternal; w/o start or end
  42. affero afferre attuli allatus
    bring to, carry, convey; report; cause
  43. afficio -icere affeci affectus
    affect, make impression; influence
  44. ager agri
  45. aggredior -i aggressus sum
    I attack, approach
  46. agmen agminis
    column of men, army, procession
  47. agnosco agnoscere agnovi agnitum
  48. ago agere egi actum
    I do, act, drive
  49. agricola -ae
  50. aio -, -
    say (defective), assert; affirm
  51. ala -ae
    wing (bird or army)
  52. albus -a -um
    white, pale; right, clear; favorable, auspicious
  53. alienus -a -um
    someone else's, strange, foreign
  54. alii ... alii
  55. aliquando
    sometime or other; finally; at length
  56. aliquis Nt: aliquid
    someone, something
  57. aliter
  58. alius alia aliud
    other, one, another, else (adj&prn)
  59. alleluia
    halleluia; praise the LORD
  60. alter -a -um
    the other, one (of 2), another
  61. alter ... alter
    one... the other...
  62. altus -a -um
    high, deep
  63. ambulo -are -avi
    I walk
  64. amica -ae
    friend (female)
  65. amicitia -ae
  66. amicus -i
    friend (male)
  67. amitto -ere amisi amissum
    I lose
  68. amo -are -avi
    I love
  69. amor amoris
    I love
  70. amplus -a -um
    great, large spacious; distinguished
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