terms for final quiz 9 lymphatic and immune systems

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  1. adenoids
    lymphatic tissue in the nasopharynx
  2. immunity
    body's ability to resist foreign organisms and toxins
  3. B lymphocytes
    originates in bone marrow, secretes antibodies
  4. antigen
    substance the body recognizes as foreign
  5. lymph
    thin, clear, watery fluid within lymphatic vessels
  6. spleen
    organ near stomach that stores red blood cells
  7. vaccine
    given to induce an immune response against disease
  8. toxin
    poison, proteins produced by bacteria
  9. atophy
    allergic state arising from an inherited predisposition
  10. natural immunity
    immune protection that we are born with
  11. immunotherapy
    use of antibodies and T cells to treat disease
  12. autoimmune
    abnormal production of antibodies against ones' own body
  13. lymphocyteopenia
    reduction in the number of lymph cells
  14. lymphadenopathy
    disease of lymph nodes
  15. anaphalaxis
    exaggerated hypersensivity reaction
  16. interstitial fluid
    fluid in the spaces between cells
  17. lymph nodes
    collection of stationary solid lymphatic tissue
  18. retrovirus
    a virus that contains reverse transciptase
  19. thymoma
    malignant tumor of the thymus gland
  20. antibody
    protein produced by lymphocytes to destory antigens
  21. allergen
    substance capable causing a hypersensitivity reaction
  22. lymphademitis
    inflammation of the lymph nodes
  23. ELISA
    screening test to detect anti-HIV antibodies in the bloodstream
  24. Hodgkin disease
    malignant tumor of lymphoid tissue in spleen and lymph nodes
  25. lymphedema
    swelling as a result of lymphatic vessel and node obstruction
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