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  1. What is the air we breath made of?(%)
    Nitrogen (78%), oxygen(21%), and others (argon .9%, carbon dioxide .04%)
  2. How much of the oxygen do we breath out and use?
    we breath out 16% (out of 21%) using 5%
  3. how much water vapor is in our air?
    its variable
  4. What are the 5 bad gases?
    Carbon monoxide, ozone, sulfure and nitrogen oxides, particulate matter
  5. What is risk assessment?
    Evaluating scientific data and making predictions in an organized manner about the proabilities of an occurrence
  6. What is toxicity?
    intrinsic health hazard of a substance
  7. What is exposure?
    The amount of the substance encountered
  8. how many colors are on the air quality index?
    6 goes up to 500
  9. is a period a column or a row?
  10. What is a molecule?
    a fixed number of atoms held together by chemical bonds in a certain spatial arrangement
  11. What is a chemical Formula?
    Symbolically represents the type and number of each element present
  12. do metals or non metals appear as diatomic?
    non metals
  13. What is a chemica reaction?
    the rearrangement of atoms when reactants are transformed into products
  14. What are pollutants from combustion?
    CO, Volatile organic compounds such as unburned fuels, NOx
  15. What are benign gases from exhaust?
    Nitrogen (78%), CO2, water bapor
  16. What is a catalyst?
    Lowers activation energy and is not consumed during the reaction
  17. What does reduction catalysts use?
    Pt, Rh (2NOx -> N2 +xO2)
  18. What does oxidation catalysts use?
    Pt, Pd (co -> co2 and unreacted fuel -> co2+h2O)
  19. How do Catalytic converters themselves contribute to air pollution?
    by releasing metals into the air and Pd, Pt, and Rh are all precious metals
  20. When is Ozon at its highest
    around 4 or 5 PM
  21. What are some potential polutants indoors?
    everything in your house is a potential pollutant.
  22. Where is O3 found in the atmospher?
    mostly Stratosphere
  23. what percent is the emission from the sun?
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