Chemistry 211

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  1. What is the Graham's law?
    [rate A/rate B]= [aw B/aw A]1/2
  2. With Graham's law, instead of being given rates you are given the same time; what's the formula?
    [d A/ d B] = [aw B/aw A]1/2
  3. With Graham's law, instead of being given rates you are given the same distance; what's the formula?
    [t B/ tA]= [aw B/aw A]1/2
  4. What is the ideal gas law?
  5. Name the combined gas law.
  6. What is Dalton's law?
    Ptotal=PA+Pwater vapor
  7. What are the phrases that hint that we should use Dalton's law?
    • "collected over water:
    • "wet gas"
  8. What is the formula if you use density in the ideal gas law?
    g/mol= [RT/P] * d
  9. Rank the 3 types of molecular bonding from least to greatest.
    • 1. London
    • 2. Dipole-Dipole
    • 3. Hydrogen bonding
  10. In order to form a hydrogen bond, H has to bond with what elements?
    oxygen (O), nitrogen (N), and fluorine (F)
  11. What is the equation to find the formal charges of the lewis structure?
    • F.C. = V- (L+1/2s)
    • v=#of valence electron
    • l=# of e- in lone pairs
    • s=shared electrons or bonds
  12. What are those that have a half filled d-orbit?
    Group 6: Cr, Mo, W, Sg
  13. Which ones are the ones that have a full d-orbit?
    Group 11: Cu, Ag, Au
  14. What does the orbital triangle look like?
    • 1s
    • 2s 2p
    • 3s 3p 3d
    • 4s 4p 4d 4f
    • 5s 5p 5d 5f

    and draw the arrows at a 45o angle downward from top right to bottom left
  15. What is the universal equation for waves/light?

    where lamina is the wavelength and v is the frequency and c is a constant
  16. What is Hz?
    wave cycles per second
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