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  1. Meningomyelocele
    hernia of the spinal cord meninges in defected verterbal colum
  2. Spina Bifida
    Congential defect of spinal cord fails to close with the backbone before birth
  3. Multiple Myeloma
    Cancer of blood plasma cells in bone marrow
  4. Narcolepsy
    Recurrrent attacks of uncontrollable drowsiness and sleep
  5. Poliomyelitis
    Inflammation of gray matter of spinal cord
  6. Hemarthrosis
    Blood in joint
  7. Hematopoiesis
    Process of immature cells turning into mature blood cells
  8. Arthrochondritis
    Inflammation of cartliage in the joints
  9. Arthrolysis
    Surgical loossing of the ankylosed joints
  10. Myalgia
    Muslce pain
  11. Myorrhexis
    Rupture of the Muscles
  12. Myodesis
    Surgical fixation of muscles
  13. Myopathy
    Diease of the muscle
  14. Chondroplasty
    plastic repair of cartliage
  15. Cystoplasty
    Plastc surgery of the urinary bladder
  16. Costectomy
    Excision of a rib
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