Organizational Behavior - Chapter 7

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  1. Communication
    The transfer and understanding of a message between two or more people
  2. Encoding
    Converting a message to symbolic form
  3. Decoding
    Intepreting a sender's message
  4. Message
    What is communicated
  5. Channel
    The medium through which a message travels
  6. Communication Apprehension
    Undue tension and anxiety about oral communication, written communication or both.
  7. Channel richness
    The amount of information that can be transmitted during a communication episode
  8. Feedback loop
    The final link in the communication process; it puts the message back into the system as a check against misunderstandings.
  9. Filtering
    A sender's manipulation of information so that it will be seen more favourbly by the receiver.
  10. Information Overload
    The state of having more info than one can process
  11. Communication networks
    Channels by which information flows
  12. Formal Networks
    task-related communications that follow the authority chain
  13. Informal Networks
    communications that flows along social and relational lines.
  14. grapevine
    The organization's most common informal network
  15. Non verbal communication
    message conveyed through body movements, facial expressions, and physical distance between the sender and receiver.
  16. Kinesics
    The study of body motions, such as gestures, facial configurations, and other movements of the body
  17. Proxemics
    The study of physical space on interpersonal relationships.
  18. high-context cultures
    cultures that rely heavily on nonverbaland subtle situational cues in communication
  19. Low context cultures
    cultures that rely heavily on words to convey meaning in communication
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