Exam 1

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  1. solar system contains...
    a single star and planets
  2. rock displaying obvious foliation likely formed in which of the following environments?
    deep in the crust at a convergent zone between continents
  3. According to the rock cycle an igneous rock can become a
    either a sedimentary or metamorphic rock
  4. Chemical sedimentary rocks are classified by
    their composition only
  5. Detrital sedimentary rocks are classified by
    their texture only
  6. Melted rock that cools very slowly would form which igneous texture
  7. Melted rock that cools quickly but still forms crystals would form which igneous texture
  8. Sedimentary rocks
    compaction and cementation

  9. igneous rocks
  10. Metamorphic rocks
    increase temperature and pressure
  11. An igneous rock rich in potassium feldspar and quartz (light silicates) would be of _____ composition
  12. An igneous rock rich in calcium-rich plagioclase feldspar, and pyroxene with small amounts of olivine would be of________composition
  13. An igneous rock with roughly half dark silicates and half light silicates would be of _______ composition
  14. Burial, compaction, and cementation are processes of....
  15. 2 atoms that share electrons in the outermost shell form a_______ bond
  16. Which of the following is not a silicate mineral?
    hematite (Fe2O3)
  17. which of the following is a common non-silicate rock-forming mineral?
    calcite (CaCO3)
  18. Which of the following is the largest?
    the distance between earth to the sun
  19. which arrangement is in order of increasing size, left to right?
    planet, star, solar system, galaxy
  20. pluto is considered a dwarf planet for all but which reason?
    it lies too far from the sun to be a planet
  21. Igneous textures


  22. (igneous rock) Phaneritic
    visible crystals

    slow cooling process
  23. (igneous rock) Aphanitic
    no visible crystals

    fast cooling
  24. (igneous rock) Porphrytic
    2 crystal size, large and small

    -2 stage cooling, not fast and not slow
  25. 5 Criteria to be considered a mineral
    -naturally occuring

    -solid substance

    -orderly crystalline structure

    -well-defined chemical composition

    -generally inorganic
  26. if an element has 33 electrons and atomis mass of 35...
    element has 2 neutrons and 33 protons
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