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  1. blood pH
    • normal range: 7.35-7.45
    • <7.35 = blood becomes more A (more H+); Acidosis
    • >7.45 = blood becomes more B (fewer H+); Alkalosis
    • below 6.8 or above 7.8 = DEATH
    • measures the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, based on the number of hydrogen ions.
  2. Partial pressure of CO2 in the blood (PaCO2)
    • normal range: 35-45
    • <35 = blood becomes more B
    • >45 = blood becomes more A
    • represents the respiratory component of the acid-base balance.
  3. bicarbonate (HCO3-)
    • normal range: 22-26
    • <22 = blood becomes more A
    • >26 = blood becomes more B
    • represents the metabolic component of the acid-base balance.
  4. Compensation
    attempts by either the kidneys or the lungs to maintain acid-base balance. The kidneys respond to a respiratory disorder; the lungs respond to a metabolic disorder.
  5. Partial Compensation
    • pH is outside normal range
    • occurs when when the lungs begin to compensate for a metabolic problem or the kidneys begin to compensate for a ventilation problem.
  6. Full compensation
    • pH is normal range
    • occurs when the lungs or kidneys have done their job and moved the pH back within the normal range.
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