Comparative Test 4 (E3)

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  1. Renal tubes consists of what?
    • Proximal end
    • Distal end
  2. The proximal end of a renal tubule consists of what?
    • Bowman's capsule (renal capsule) - a duble layered cup.
    • Glomerulus - tangle of capillaries within the capsule.
  3. The distal end of a renal tubule consists of what?
    • Proximal concoluted tubule.
    • Intermediate segment (loop of Henle)
    • Distal convoluted tubule.
  4. What is the functions of the renal corpuscle?
    pressure filtration of the blood.
  5. What is the function of the tubule?
    selective resorption and secretion.
  6. What criteria are nephric tubes classified?
    osmoregulatory demands of particular environments.
  7. What are the three different types of nephric tubes?
    • Large renal capsule
    • Small renal capsule, short distal convoluted tubule
    • Relatively large renal capsule, long intermediate segment ( loop of hinle)
  8. Describe Type 1 : large renal capsule tubules.
    • Large amount of filtrate, therefore of water output.
    • Found in freshwater teleosts, elasmobranchs, and amphibians.
  9. Describe Type 2 : small renal capsule, short distal convoluted tubules.
    • Small amount of water output.
    • Marine teleosts, reptiles.
  10. Describe Type 3: relatively large renal capsule, long intemediate segment (loop of henle).
    • Large amount of water filtrate.
    • Long loop of henle means high water resorption (especially important for desert adaptations.)
    • Mammals, birds.
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