terms for final quiz 12 endocrine

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  1. adrenal gland
    a top each kidney
  2. pancreas
    behind the stomach
  3. parathyroid
    dorsal side of thyroid
  4. pituitary gland
    in the sella turcica
  5. thyroid
    anterior side of the trachea
  6. pineal gland
    in the central portion of the brain
  7. hormone
    secreted by an endocrine gland
  8. andrenline/epinephrine
    increases heart rate and dilates airways
  9. somatotropin
    acts on bone and soft tissues
  10. vasopressin
    increases water re-absorption in the kidney
  11. homeostasis
    maintenance of body's internal balance
  12. euthyroid
    state of good, normal thyroid function
  13. endocrinologist
    one who studies and treats gland disorders
  14. fasting blood sugar
    test to measure circulating blood sugar levels
  15. myxdema
    mucus-like fluid accumulation under the skin
  16. gonadopathy
    any disease condition of the sex glands
  17. exopthalmos
    abnormal protusion of the eyeballs
  18. insulin
    helps glucose pass into cells
  19. cortisol
    secreted by adrenal cortex in times of stress
  20. glucagon
    converts starch to glucose
  21. target tissues
    receptive cells of an organ to specific hormones
  22. melotonin
    induces sleep and affects mood
  23. adenectomy
    removal of a gland
  24. gonadotropin
    hormone that acts on sex glands
  25. hyperthyroidism (Graves disease)
    condition of excessive thyroid gland activity
  26. hypopituitarism
    deficient secretion of pituitary hormones
  27. dwarfism
    congenital hyposecretion of grwoth hormone
  28. thyrotropin
    acts on the thyroid gland
  29. glucosuria
    sugar excreted in the urine
  30. thyroiditis
    inflammation of the thyroid gland
  31. acromegaly
    enlargement of the extremities, face and jaw
  32. gigantism
    abnormal overgrowth of body tissues
  33. radioactive iodine uptake
    scan used to assess uptake of iodine by thyroid
  34. pancreatectomy
    surgical removal of the pancreas
  35. thyroid functioning test
    measures the level of thyroid hormones in blood
  36. panhypopituitarism
    deficiency of all pituitary hormones
  37. exopthalmetry
    measurement of eyeball protrusion
  38. hypercalcemia
    increased blood calcium
  39. hypokalemia
    decreased blood potassium
  40. hyponatremia
    decreased blood sodium
  41. hyperglycemia
    increased blood sugar
  42. hypocalcemia
    decreased blood calcium
  43. hypoglycemia
    decreased blood sugar
  44. hyperkalemia
    increased blood potassium
  45. Cushing syndrome
    increased cortisol secretion, obesity, moon-like fullness of the face, excess fat in the thoracic region, osteoporosis, virilization in women, hypertension
  46. Addison Disease
    decreased cortisol blood levels, malaise, weakness, muscle atrophy, low blood pressure, loss of fluids and electrolytes, increased coloration of skin
  47. type 1 diabetes mellitus
    presence of autoantibodies, complete deficiency of insulin, onset is rapid and abrupt and usually in early childhood, glycosuria
  48. diabetes inspidus
    very dilute urine, polyuria, polydipsia, insufficient secretion of antidiuretic hormone
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