bio lec pt 3

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  1. the overall result of mitosis is that a single diplod cell gives rise to?
  2. the most abundant molecules in membranes are?
    • cholesterol
    • phopholipids
    • protein
  3. when an electron is TRANSFERRED from one atom to another and the two are then electrically attracted to each other a ?(a) bond is formed
    when atoms SHARE an electons, the bond is called?(b)
    • (a) ionic
    • (b) convalent
  4. substances that are repelled by water are?
    • hydrophobic, non-polar
    • lipids
  5. substances that attracted by water are called?
    hydrophilic, polar
  6. blank
  7. the common energy molecule that drives cellular processes is?
    ATP from glucose in mitochondria
  8. which substance is the most common in the cells of the body?
    water, H2O
  9. a hydrogen ion consist of?
    proton only H+
  10. contains both a carboxyl and an amine group?
    amino acids
  11. carbohydrates have?
    • carbon
    • hydrates
    • oxygen
  12. what are 4 kinds of carbohydrates?
    • starch
    • cellulose
    • glycogen
    • starch
    • chitin (in insects and fungi)
  13. prokaryotic (bacteria) have? (3)
    • cell membrane
    • no nucleas
    • DNA
  14. hydrophilic means?
    • water loving
    • polar
  15. adding acid to water lowers ?(a) and raises ?(b)
    • (a) pH
    • (b) H+ ions
  16. the individual nature of amino acids is determined primarily by the?
    • R variable
    • functioanl group
  17. standard small groups of atoms on molecules that help to determine the molecules properties are? (7)
    • functional groups
    • CHO=carnonyl
    • CHOO=carboxyl
    • OH=hydroxide
    • NH3=amine
    • Sh=sulfur
    • PO4= phosphate
  18. large molecules are taken apart by which process?
  19. names of common proteins? (8)
    • collagen
    • keratin
    • hemoglobin
    • antibodies
    • snake venom
    • myosin
    • actin
    • elastin
  20. a chemical reaction can not change?
    one element into another; unearth
  21. stable assembly of 2 or more atoms is called?
  22. small, membrane enclosed structures within cells that perform specific tasks are?
  23. hydrophilic means?
    • water loving
    • polar
  24. adding acid to water
    lowers pH; adding base to water
  25. blank
  26. blank
  27. the common energy molecules, used to produce energy molecules that drive cellular processes are?
  28. which part of the phospholipid molecule would be facing the environment ouside the cell?
    polarized phophate
  29. the nucleas of an atom has?
    protons and neutrons
  30. small molecules are put together by which process?
    • dehydration condensation
    • synthesis
  31. wich common carbihydrate has a type of arrangement of chemical bonds which makes it indigestible for most organisms? (2)
    • cellulose; found in plants
    • chitin; found in insects and fungi
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