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  1. If you see a non union that is hypertrophic will a bone stim help?
    No these are well vascularized, but are not stable, so you should stabilize this.
  2. What does “Piezoelectricity” when referring to bone remodeling?
    is the ability of certain crystals to produce a voltage when subjected to mechanical stress
  3. Extra credit: If there is 2-10% Strain over a fracture site what kind of healing will you get? Look up steven perren.
    Strain is defined as the change of distance over the fracture site divided by the length of the fracture gap, 2-10% is minimal so you will get primary bone healing.
  4. Extra credit: What are the different types of Bone stims?
    Direct current capacitative, coupling, and pulsed electromagnetic feilds.
  5. WHat is an integral part of an osteoinductive graft
    It would have growth factors.
  6. What are some advantage of synthetic allografts
    • No donor site morbidity
    • Can be stored on the shelf
  7. What is the main ingredient in demineralized bone matrix
    Callogen type I, there is also believe to be growth factors making these grafts osteoconductive and inductive.
  8. How large of a gap across a fracture site before you must close the gap.
    Gap can be as large at half of the diameter of the bone before fixation and gap reduction become necessary. pocket pods says gap would be equal to the raduis, I have heard 1/2 of the radius.
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