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  1. Name the various terms for a prophet (6)
    • seer
    • man of God
    • servant of the lord
    • messenger of the Lord
    • man of the Spirit
    • watchman
  2. Name the 3 biblical funcitons of a prophet
    • fore tell (predict)
    • forth tell (proclaim)
    • warning
  3. what are the tests ofa true prophet (10)
    • -he spoke in the name of the Lord
    • -he spoke by reveleation and inspiration
    • -the moral charcter of the prophet
    • -he was conscious of a definite call by God
    • -often the call was accompanied by a sign or miracle
    • -his message must be in harmony with God's previous revelations
    • -what he prophesied came true
    • -moral quality of the message
    • -hearer's discernment
    • -discernment of other prophets
  4. what methods did the prophets employ to deliver their message (3)
    • orally
    • in writing
    • acting it out symbolically
  5. what is meant by the words prophetic perfect
    things are so certain that they will happen, they can be spoken as if they have already happened
  6. name 3 ways that prophecy can be fulfilled
    • literally
    • essentially
    • conditionally
  7. what is theodicy
    • attempt to justify God's ways in the world
    • ex. why does evil exist if God is all loving
  8. who was prophecy's founding fathers
    moses, samuel, and elijiah
  9. what were the similar features of classical prophecy (5)
    • -they address all the people
    • -they inform the people of God's wrath against their sin
    • -they warn the people of approaching judgment
    • -they call the peope to repentance
    • -they proclaim God's salavation for those who will turn to him
  10. which books fit the category of classical prophecy (2)
    • isaiah
    • malachi
  11. what are some common themes of the prophet's writings (3)
    • covenant obligations
    • day of the Lord
    • concept of Messiah
  12. what were the shared characteristics of the prophets (6)
    • -prophets possessed hearts devoted to God
    • -prophets possessed a strong sense of calling
    • -prophets were messengers
    • prophets were forth tellers (telling Gods truth)
    • -prophets were fore tellers (prophesying future)
    • prophets were creative individuals who used a variety of techniques
  13. what are some commone wrong ideas about the prophets (3)
    • prophets were not hysterical babblers
    • prophets were not fortuntellers
    • prophets were not religious fanatics
  14. who are the five major prophets
    • isaiah
    • jeremiah
    • lamenations
    • ezekial
    • daniel
  15. what is the main word and description of Isaiah
    • Groan/Glory
    • God's salvation, tradition says he was sawed in half and his wife was a prophetess
  16. what is the main word and description of jeremiah
    • rotten sash
    • autobiography, known as weeping prophet, did not marry
  17. what is the main word and description of lamentations
    • tears
    • jeremiah wrote this funeral dirge so it is a sad book
  18. what is the main word and description of ezekiel
    • dry bones
    • 11 yrs before downfall of jerusalem, he goes to the valley of dry bones by God as a remnant that will return to jerusalem
  19. what is the main word and description of Daniel
    • dreams
    • deported to babylon as youth, serves the courts, interprets dreams
  20. how many minor prophets are there
  21. what is the main word and description of hosea
    • harlot
    • marries Gomer to symbolize God marrying his adulturous people
  22. what is the main word and description of joel
    • locusts
    • uses natural disaster of locusts and plagues to warn judah of catastrophe (babylon will attack judah)
  23. what is the main word and description of amos
    • plumbline
    • sheep tender, had 8 oracles he gave against 8 nations. gives last call of repentance
  24. what is the main word and description of obadiah
    • brother's keeper
    • edom and judah should have been friends but were not
  25. what is the main word and description of jonah
    • fish
    • jonah didnt want to go to nineveh to preach so fish swallows him and he goes to their and they repent...jonah gets mad at that
  26. what is the main word and description of micah
    • day in court
    • aims rebuke at false prophets and judges judah
  27. what is the main word and description of nahum
    • flood
    • nineveh gets washed away and judged
  28. what is the main word and description of habakkuk
    • watchtower
    • theodicy - god/justice
    • waits in watchtower for god's answer but he is silent
  29. what is the main word and description of zephaniah
    • day of the lord
    • seven times says day of the lord
    • final judgment of God on earth and then eventual blessings and peace
  30. what is the main word and description of haggai
    • temple
    • prophet calls people to finish rebuilding the temple
  31. what is the main word and description of zechariah
    • messiah
    • born in babylon who spoke of gods future kingdom, joins haggai to rebuild temple
  32. what is the main word and description of malachi
    • hearts of stone
    • not sure if was prophet/ ezra may be author
    • gives final warning and then is followed by 400 years of silence in biblical record until NT.
    • Ends in Curse
  33. what happended in 1000-922
    the united kingdom
  34. what happened in 922-586
    the divided kingdom
  35. what happened in 732
    the fall of syria
  36. what happened in 722
    fall of samaria
  37. what happened in 587
    the fall of judah
  38. what happened in 517
    the return of the exiles
  39. who is the northern kingdom
  40. what is another name for israel
  41. who is the southern kingdom
  42. what is another name for judah
    davidic kingdom
  43. who conquered the northern kingdom in what year
    722 by the assyrians
  44. who conquered the southern kingdom in what year
    586 by the babylonians
  45. what are 2 things that proved prophet
    • -message had to be consistent with earlier revelation
    • -predictions must come true
  46. what are the three ways that ezekiel acts out prophecy
    • -lays on left/right side
    • -used 2 sticks to rep. divided kingdom
    • -cut hair into parts (.33 burned, .33 chopped into bits, .33 tossed into wind, 4 on breastplate for return)
  47. when the Gods glory depart
    ezekiel 11:22-25
  48. when did daniel prophesied
    during time of 10 yr exile
  49. which book is the apocalyptic book of the OT
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