Comparative Test 4 (E5)

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  1. A countercurrent multiplying system is formed from the loops of Henle and the _____ running along the loops of henle.
    Casa Recta (capillary loops)
  2. The mammalian kidney has a _____, a _____, and a _____.
    • Cortex (outer region)
    • Medulla (formed of renal pyramids)
    • Renal Pelvis (area that collects filtrate and sends it to the ureters.)
  3. The cortex contains what?
    • Renal corpuscles (bowman's capsules)
    • Proximal convoluted tubules
    • Distal convoluted Tubules
  4. The medulla contains what?
    The loops of Henle and collecting tubules.
  5. The collecting tubules dump into _____ which dumps into the _____, and the urine is send to the urinary bladder.
    • Renal pelvis
    • Ureters
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Comparative Test 4 (E5)
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