Asia 12/9/11

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  1. What is area causes the major problems in Southeast China?
  2. What was the capital of the ancient culture in Indo-China?
  3. Where is the area that was Hue now?
    the middle of Vietnam
  4. Where were the great culture of Indo-China located?
  5. What were the cities called that housed the major culture in Cambodia?
    the Whatts
  6. When did the French take over Indo-China?
  7. Who banded together to fight the French in Indo-China?
    the Vietminh
  8. What interupted the fight between the Vietminh and the French?
  9. Where were the French caught when thay asked the US to help them in their fight with the Vietminh?
    mountainous area close to Laos called Dien Bien Phu
  10. Who in the US senate led the vote to not let the US get involved in the battle going on in Vietnam?
    Lydon Johnson
  11. Who is the president that leads during the Vietnam war?
    Lydon Johnson
  12. How did Lydon Johnson become president?
    • He was Kennedy's vice president
    • Kennedy was assassinated
  13. How did the fight between the Vietmihn and the French end?
    the French just left
  14. What conference was held to talk about Indo-China in 1954?
    the Geneva conference
  15. How did they end up dividing Indo-China?
    • into 4 parts
    • Northern Vietnam, Southern Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia
  16. What government was Northern Vietnam?
  17. What kind of government was Southern Vietnam?
    Free Democracy
  18. How was the governement chosen for both Laos and Cambodia?
    they went back into their ancient history and picked out a royal family to put on the throne
  19. When Northen Vietnam started tunneling down into Southern Vietnam what name did the Vietminh begin to be called instead?
  20. How were sent out to Southern Vietnam as advisors?
    the green berets
  21. What happened in Vietnam in the latter 1950's?
    one of the green beret advisors was killed
  22. What was sent after the green beret advisor was killed?
    a battalion of soldiers
  23. How came up with the Hamlet system and where had they used it before?
    • the British
    • in Malaysia
  24. What was it called when the US troops woudl fence up a village and create a curfew and anyone outside the village by curfew was killed?
    the Hamlet System
  25. Who were gorilla warfare fighters from Nepal?
    the Gercus
  26. What new invention turned the Vietnam conflict upside-down?
    the televsion
  27. Who declared us the winner of the Vietnam war and sent the troops home?
  28. Who took over Cambodia?
    a radical communist
  29. What did the radical communist leader of Cambodia do to the people?
    • killed 1 million people
    • he killed all the educated people first
  30. What is it called when you trade with a country that has a policy you are against because they provide the products you want?
    Economic determinism
  31. What is the 4th quad of the Pacific World called?
  32. How big is Midway island?
    no bigger than a runway
  33. What people live in Micronesia?
    oriental, Asian
  34. What kind of islands are in Micronesia?
    continental islands
  35. What is the 3rd quad in the Pacific World called?
  36. What are most of the people from Melanesia?
  37. What are most of the islands in Melanesia?
    Coral islands
  38. How is coral made?
    lots of sun and shallow water
  39. What is the sea in Melanesia called?
    the coral sea
  40. What is the name for the 1st and 2nd quads in the Pacific World?
  41. What kind of people live in Polynesia?
    mixed bloods
  42. What does James Mitchner call the people of Polynesia?
    "the Golden Man"
  43. What are most of the islands in Polynesia?
    volcanic islands
  44. How are the islands in the Pacific World categorized?
    • by the type of island they are
    • volcanic, coral, or continental
  45. What explorer went throughout the Pacific World and charted it?
    Captain Cook
  46. Where did Captain Cook die?
    the Sandwich islands
  47. What are the Sandwich islands now called?
    the Hawaiian islands
  48. What did the Westerners sometimes called the Pacific world islands?
    the coconut civilization
  49. Why weren't people very interested in the Pacific world?
    they didn't have gold or silver
  50. Who first started gathering up land in the Pacific world and when?
    • the Japanese
    • after WWI
  51. What areas in the Pacific world do we own?
    • Guam
    • Wake
    • Midway
    • Samoa islands
  52. What was the book that talked about how the Westerners destroyed the society of the Pacific islands?
    the Fatal Impact
  53. How did the Fatal Impact say were destroyed the Pacific island's society?
    • we brought disease
    • we brought fire arms and liqueur
    • we brought our religion
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