Organizational Behavior

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  1. Change Agents
    People who act as catalysts and assume the reponsibility for managing change activities
  2. Unfreezing
    Change efforts to overcome the pressures of both individual resistance and group conformity
  3. Moving
    Efforts to get employees involved in the change process
  4. Refreezing
    Stabilizing a change intervention by balacing driving and restraining forces
  5. Driving Forces
    Forces that direct behaviour away from the status quo
  6. forces
    Forces that hinder movement away from the status quo
  7. Action Research
    A change process based on the systematic collection of data and then selection of a change action based on what the analyzed data indicate
  8. Appreciate Inquiry
    An approach to change that seeks to indentify the unique qualities and special strengths of an organization, which can then be built on to improve performance
  9. First order change
    Change that is incremental and straightforward
  10. second order change
    Change that is multidimensional, multilevel, discontinuos, and radical
  11. Innovation
    A new idea applied to initiating or improving a product, process or service
  12. Idea Champions
    Individuals who actively and enthusiastically promote an idea, build support for it, overcome resistance to it, and ensire that the idea is implemented
  13. Learning Organization
    An organization that has developed the continuos capacity to adapt and change
  14. single-loop learning
    A process of correction errors using past routines and present policies
  15. double loop process
    A process of correction errors by modifying the organization's objectives, policies, and standart routines
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