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  1. Name the insulin:
    *Short duration/Rapid acting
    *onset 15-30 minutes
    *Peak 0.5-2.5 hours
    *Duration 3-6.5 hours
    Insulin Lispro [Humalog]
  2. Which insulin should be administered right before or after meal?
    Insulin Lispero [Humalog]
  3. Name the insulin:
    *short duration/ rapid acting
    *onset 10-20 minutes
    *Peak 1-3 hours
    *duration 3-5 hours
    Insulin Aspart [Novolog]
  4. Which insulin dhould be administered 5-10 minutes before eating?
    Insulin aspart [Novalog]
  5. Name the insulin:
    *Onset 30-60 minutes
    *Peak 1-3 hours
    *Duration 6-10 hours
    *Short Duration/ slower acting
    Regular insulin [Humalin R, Novalin R]
  6. Which insulin can be administerd by IV?
  7. Which insulin is long acting up to 24 hours?
    Insulin Glargine [lantus]
  8. Which insulin cannot be mixed with any other insulin?
    Insulin glargine [Lantus]
  9. Why is only sulfonyluria is the only one that can be given 30 minutes before meal?
    food inhibits the absorption of glipizide
  10. Receptors: A1, A2, & B1
    Classification: catecholine
  11. *same as epinephrine except for no beta 2 activation
    *does not promote hyperglycemia
    *clinical appilcations: hypotensive states & cardiac arrest
    *IV infusion only
  12. *Receptors: Dopamine, B1, and in high doses, A1
    *Classification: catecholamine
    *Dose dependent receptor specifity
    Dopamine [Intropin]
  13. Therapeutic Uses:
    *Shock- activates B1 so dopamine can increase C.O. activating dopamine receptors. DOpamine can dilaite renal blood vessels which increases renal perfusion
    *Heart Failure- alleviate symptoms by activating B1
    *Acute renal failure- preserve renal function but studies show it really does not help
    Dopamine [Intropin]
  14. Dopmine [intropin] is contraindicated for which patients?
    tachycardia ot V fib.
  15. What are the Adverse Effects in dopamine [Intropin]?
    • tachycardia
    • dysrhythmias
    • anginal pain
    • necrosis
  16. Causes release of norepinephrine
  17. What are the Drug interactions of Dopamine [Intropin]?
    • MAO inhibitors - Intensifies
    • Tricylic - Intensifies
    • Diuretics - can complement the beneficial effects of dopamine on kidneys
  18. How should Dopamine [Intropin] be administered?
    • continuous IV
    • need accurate weight
  19. How should Doputamine [Dobutrex] be administered?
    • continuous IV
    • Need accurate weight
  20. What are the adverse effects of Doputimine [Dobutrex]?
  21. Receptor: B1
    Classification: catecholamine
    Doputamine [Dobutrex]
  22. What is the only indication for Doputamine [Dobutrex]?
    Heart failure
  23. What are drug interactions for Doptuamine [Dobutrex]?
    • MAOI: intensify on heart and blood vessels & must reduce dosage by 90%
    • Tricylic: Moderate increase in cardiovascular effects
    • General anesthetics: increase risk of dysrhythmais
  24. Adrenergic Antagonists
    Beta blockers
  25. What treatments are Beta blockers effective for?
    • Hypertension - from negative inotropic effects
    • angina pectoris
    • Cardiac dysrythmias - reduce Heart rate and conductivity
    • Exacerbate - COPD because they block B2 receptors by producing bronchodilation
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