English I Final

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  1. What is a Muse?
    aneone of the 9 godddesses or daughters of Zeus, a spirit that is thought to inspire a poet, provides aid to Homer telling the story
  2. Why did all of Odysseus's men die?
    Ate Lord Helio's Cattle (god of sun)
  3. Who asked Odysseus to tell his tale?
    King Alcinous
  4. Who is Odysseus's father?
  5. What two goddesses have detained Odysseus?
    Circe and Calypso
  6. What mistakes did Odysseus's men make on Ismarus?
    there was no need for a battle, took women and $
  7. What price do Odysseus's men make on Ismarus?
    6 benches of men on every ship
  8. After Odysseus and his men leave Ismarys, how many days does is take to get to the land of the Lotus Eaters?
    9 days and get there on the 10th day
  9. What is the forst impression they recieve from the Lotus Eaters?
    friendly, harmless
  10. What is the effect of eating the Lotus Plant?
    brainwashing thought of home
  11. What actions did Odysseus take after his men ate the lotus?
    tied them to their benches
  12. What are three characteristics of the Cyclops according to the passage?
    stupid, uncivilized, savages, violent
  13. What animals were outsides the Cyclop's cave?
    sheep and goats
  14. How many men did Odysseus take with him to explore the Cyclop's cave?
    12 men
  15. What precious thing did Odysseus take with him when he went to inspect the Cyclop's cave?
    wine, Maron gave Odysseus the wine
  16. Why didn'y Odysseus leave the Cyclop's cave when his men first urged him to?
    He wanted to see what the Cyclops would offer him
  17. What does Odysseus ask of the Cyclops?
    a gift
  18. What is the Cyclops's reply to Odysseus's request?
    He doesn't care about rules
  19. What does Odysseus tell the Cclops happend to their ship?
    It has crashed and sunk because of his father Poseidon
  20. Why doesn't Odysseus try to kill the Cyclops when he begins eating the men?
    There is a huge bolder in the way of the door
  21. What was the weaopn that Odysseus fashioned to hurt the Cyclops?
    a stake made out of an olive tree
  22. What does Odysseus give the cyclops to drink?
  23. What does Odysseus tell teh Cyclops his name is?
  24. What is the Cyclop's name?
  25. Who does the Cyclops cry out to help him?
    his father Poseidon
  26. Who is the Cyclops's father?
  27. Explain how Odysseus and his men escaped after they blinded the Cyclops.
    They escape by tieing three sheep together and hiding under the center one
  28. What risky thing does Odysseus do after theye scape the Cyclops and they are at sea?
    He tells Polyphemus his name
  29. What does the Cyclops ask of his father?
    1. To make his journey long 2. To make his journey difficult 3. Men will die 4. difficulties when home
  30. Where does Odysseus go after he visits Hades?
    Aeaea, Circe's island
  31. Who are the Sirens?
    creatures who sing to lure men
  32. How do Odysseus and his men avoid destruction when facing the Sirens?
    Odysseus ties himself to the mast and the crew stuff their ears with wax
  33. What is Scylla?
    man eating, 6 headed monster
  34. What is Charybdis?
  35. Where di Scylla hide?
    in a cave on a narrow strait
  36. What effect did Scylla have on Odysseus's crew?
    loses 6 men
  37. In what way does Eurylochus defy Odysseus's crew?
    he tells the men to die hungry by eating Lord Helio's cattle
  38. What does Helios say to Zeus?
    Odysseus's men need to be punished or he will go to the land of the dead and not shine over the mortal world
  39. What happends to Odysseus's companions ?
    they are killed by Zeus's thunder bolt
  40. How does Odysseus once again escape Charybdia and Scylla?
    Zeus averts Scylla's eyes and he jumps on an olive tree while his "raft" gets spit up by Charybdis.
  41. Where does Odysseus end up?
    Ogygia, home of Calipso, stayed there for 7 years
  42. How long has Odysseus been away from Ithaca?
    20 years
  43. What does Athena do to Odysseus?
    turns him into a beggar
  44. What has been goinbg on in Ithaca while Odysseus has been gone?
    suitors have come trying to court Penelope
  45. Who are Eumaeus and Telemachus?
    • Eumaeus- faithful servent
    • Telemachus- son
  46. Who is Argus? What has happend to him?
    • Argus- Odysseus's dog
    • He has been mistreated and he died
  47. Who are the suitors? Who is the leader?
    men of young prime, trying to marry Penelope, Antinous
  48. Why does Penelope want to talk to the beggar?
    he might know somehting about Odysseus
  49. How has Penelope avoided marriage to one of the suitors?
    She made a barriel shard and unraveled it at night
  50. What is the challenge Penelope poses to the suitors?
    To string Odysses's ow and shoot through 12 ax heads
  51. Who was able to string the bow?
    the beggar
  52. Who was the first to die?
  53. What was the responce of the suitors?
    They tried to blame Antinous and bribe Odysseus
  54. Who does Odysseus spare from the slaughter?
    no one
  55. What happends to the disloyal serving women?
    Killed them
  56. Why is Penelope so reluctant to believe it's Odysseus?
    Athena has made him look young
  57. What is the test Penelope gives Odysseus?
    To see what he will say when she asks the servent to move the bed (its planted into the ground, its an oilve tree)
  58. Short Story
    a brief fictional work and is basically about one charater and his conflict
  59. Setting
    the time and place of a story
  60. Point of View
    the author's choice of narrator
  61. 1st person
    a character in the story who can only revel only his or her feelings and thoughts
  62. 3rd person objective
    The narator can only relate what he sees, hears, feels, touches, and smells. It is like looking through a window in the scene
  63. 3rd perosn Omniscient
    the narrator knows everything about the characters and can enter their minds and know their thoughts and feelings
  64. plot
    what the story is about
  65. exposition
    setting and incident
  66. rising acion
    the story events after the exposition that build suspence or intrest
  67. climax
    high point of suspence or intrest, the point at which the plot changes direction
  68. falling action
    the inraveling of events after the climax
  69. resolution
    the state of events at the end of the story
  70. Characterization
    the method the author uses to develop the personality of the persons on the story
  71. Indirect
    author reveals characters through their actions, speech, thought, or the reactions of other characters
  72. Direct
    describing or explaining actions of the character
  73. Conflict
    struggle between opposing forces in a story that makes the plot intresting and suspenseful
  74. What are the four types of conflict?
    • Internal-
    • 1. MAN VS. HIMSELF
    • External-
    • 2.MAN VS. NATURE
    • 4. MAN VS. FATE
  75. Protagonist
    the character about whom the story centers- CAN BE GOOD OR EVIL
  76. Antagonist
    The character of force opposing the protagonist and creating conflict in the plot
  77. Mood
    The atmosphere created by the author through the setting, imagrey, imagery, details, and descriptions (sad, scary, funny ect. )
  78. Foreshadowing
    The use of clues int he story to suggest the story's outcome
  79. Inference
    Drawing conclusion or making assumption based in limit information
  80. Symbolism
    Anything that stands for itself and at the same time represetns an abstract quality
  81. Stereotype
    Generalized ideas about characters and situations labeling people as a group rather than seeing their individuality
  82. Irony
    a contrast between what appears to be and what really is
  83. Verbal Irony
    words are used to suggest the opposite of what is meant
  84. Situational Irony
    something happens in the story that contradicts the expectations of a character of the reader
  85. Dramatic Irony
    when the sudience knows something that a certian character doesn't know
  86. Theme
    a lesson or moral learned that may be applied to everyday life
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