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  1. Reccomendations have been established for moderate physical activity because...
    physically active people live longer than those who are inactive
  2. The health benefits of being physically active include:
    • -protection against osteoporosis by building bone strength
    • -reducing type 2 diabetes risk by controling blood glucose
    • -lowering heart disease risk w/ lowered BP and blood lipids
  3. A reccomendation in the physical activity guidelines for Americans for weekly physical activity.
    perform muscle-strengthening activities of moderate to high intensity 2+ days/week
  4. The best way to schedule daily physical activity...
    moderate- intensity activity can be divided into smaller sessions throughout the day
  5. When designing a fitness routine that is intended to help muscles gain strength and size...
    muscles need a day or two of rest to refuel and repair
  6. A benefit of resistance training is that
    high resistance and few repitions will build strength
  7. a 70- year old women wants to begin a weight training program... advice?
    its a good way for her to improve her bone density
  8. Researchers measure the cardiovascular fitness w/ VO2 Max, which will:
    increase as fitness improves and blood is pumped more efficiently
  9. A benefit of cardiorespiratory endurance training is that:
    the heart muscle grows larger and stronger
  10. You have been following a fitness program for several weeks and your resting pulse has gone from 70 to 58.
    You are making GOOD progress and should continue so the pulse goes lower
  11. What is reccomended for replacing fuels that have been used during excercise
    eat a high carbohydrate meal within 2 hours after exercise
  12. How much carbohydrates does an athlete training for a marathon eat within 2 hours of exercise to enhance his storage of glycogen. Weighs: 175 lbs
    88-123 grams
  13. How can endurance athletes best postpone fatigue during their activity
    eat glucose periodally during the event
  14. Calculate the calories needed from fat each day for a triathlete who requires 4500 calories a day. 20-35%
  15. Protein is needed by the to support an excercise program because of its role in:
    Repairing muscle tissue after exercise
  16. Which of the following athletes would use the least protein for fuel for exercise?
    Gary who consumes a carbohydrate-rich diet
  17. A high school football player is eating 2.5 grams per lb of protein... what will happen?
    this exceeds the reccommendation for his sport so he should consider trading carbohyrate for some of the protein
  18. Recommended daily protein intake for a femal marathon runner weighing 126 lbs.
    69-80 g of Protein
  19. Protein need for a male runner weighing 152 lb who is training for an upcoming competition. Sprinter and hurdler
    83-117 g of protein
  20. An athlete taks a vitamin and mineral supplement prior to competition to improve performance.
    the practice does not improve performance because there is not enough time for them to be combined with other appropriate parts so they can do their work
  21. what would you tell a female long distance runner who is considering whether or not to begin taking an iron supplement
    she needs to have medical testing of her blood iron values first to see if she needs it
  22. an athlete is in the early weeks of an aerobic training program and develops a decrease in hemoglobin concentration....
    • -the condition is callled sports anemia
    • -it will go away by itself
  23. A female athlete weighs 120 lbs before a race and 115 after, how much fluid should she consume?
    2 cups for each lb= 10 cups
  24. which of the following is the best fluid for an athlete working out in a cold climate?
    room temp water
  25. a competitive world class skier needs advice on fluid intake during training, competition, and recovery
    she should drink fluids with carbohydrate added to replenish glycogen stores
  26. your friend participates in strenous world-class competition that lasts for 4 hours +
    consume sports drinks and pretzels
  27. what is the best way for athletes toensure they have adequate sodium levels in their bodies?
    do not restrict salty foods in the days before the competition
  28. thee advantage for athletes of using sports drinks for fluid replacement is that
    they have a pleasant taste which encourages consumption
  29. Carbonated beverages are NOT a good choice for meeting an athletes fluid needs because they...
    make the person feel full quickly and may limit fluid intake
  30. Why would you tell someone not to drink alcohol before engaging in an athletic event?
    • -becuse it is a diuretic
    • -it impairs temperature regulation
  31. how many grams of carbohydrate would an athlete need to consume to ensure full glycogen and other nutrient stores to meet energy needs if he consumes 2800 cal
    490 g
  32. which of the following would be appropriate as part of a pregame meal
    • -toast &pineapple juice
    • -pancakes with syrup
    • -baked potato and orange juice
  33. -implies that the product has special work-enhancing powers

    -is associated with supplements claimed to benefit athletes
  34. Sprinter wants to take caffeine pills to enhance performance
    he needs to be aware that sport governing bodies prohibit high doses of caffeine
  35. Which of the following statements reguarding carnitine is true?
    nonessential nutrient
  36. a weight lifter is taking creatine to increase power of muscles
    he will gain weight
  37. muscle growth is stimulated by
    physically demanding activity
  38. which of the following is characteristic of meal replacement food
    • -provide extra food energy
    • -pregame meal
  39. dangerous and illegal ergogenic practice
    anabolic steroid hormones
  40. benefit an athlete with a nervous stomach before competition
    -meal replacement
  41. a main difference between a person contracting an infectious disease or a chronic disease is
    some infectious diseases can be cured with medications but chronic diseases cannot
  42. a college student who is on a high-protein diet for weightloss that restricts fruits and vegtables got a viral infection in her intestines
    vitamin c deficiency from no fruits and vegtables has affected white blood cell protection
  43. you have a friend with AIDS and are trying to support his nutrition status.
    cook foods thoroughly and practice cleanliness
  44. a 58-yearold woman w/ hypertension and elevated LDL blood levels is complaining that she suddenly is feeling tired, shortness of breath, and nausea
  45. what is the role of plaque formation in the arteries during heart disease development
    it can narrow passages in arteries and reduce blood flow to the heart
  46. a 45-year old man is overweight with a family history of heart disease. risk factor he can change?
  47. risk factors of cardiovascular disease
    • -LDL cholesterol of 150 mg/dl
    • -HDL cholesterol of 25 mg/dl
    • -blood cholesterol of 240 mg/ dl
  48. when trying to reduce the risk of heart diesase, the most important risk factior to modify first is:
    High LDL cholesterol because of its role in plaque formation
  49. to help control blood cholesterol you would
    • -consume oats, barley, and legumes
    • -limit foods with trans fatty acids
  50. to minimize the risks of CVD you....
    • - choose more fruits and whole grains
    • -consume 1-2 servings of fatty fish each week
  51. Jack's physician has placed him on a diet recommended to control his blood cholesterol.
    • -consume =< 200 mg cholesterol/day
    • -consume less than 7% of calories as saturated fat
  52. which is thee best meal to help reduce LDL cholesterol levels in the blood
    grilled salmon, wild rice, steamed broccoli, whole-wheat roll
  53. good suggestion for making small changes in the typee of fat in you diet for a better health
    snack on tortilla chips and salsa instead of potato chips
  54. To control your risk of developing CVD
    • -consume high levels of complex cabs and fibeer
    • -substitute fish for red meat 2/week
  55. major action of blood pressure in the arteries
    when the pressure is at the right level, cells recieve nutrients and oxygen and release their wastes
  56. high risk for developing hypertension
    • -old
    • -african americans
    • -high fat diet
    • -high salt intake
    • -more than 2 drinks/day
  57. 5'6" male, 165 lbs, hypertension
  58. 165 lb woman can significantly lower BP value by
    losing 10 lbs and then some
  59. a man with pre-hypertension is trying to keep his blood pressure from going higher. Which of the following dietary changes might help?
    remove salt from the tabel
  60. herbal supplement to help with hypertension
    be sure it wont react with any medications
  61. -promoters cause the cell to multiple out of control, forming a tumor
    -cancer cells can spread through the blood and lymph
    -food contaminants contain carcinogens
    actions on the cell in formation of cancer
  62. guidelines for cancer prevention
    • -controlling energy intake
    • -increaseing the intake of fruits and vegetables
  63. to reduce the risk of cancer:
    • -high fruit and veg intake
    • -consume only whole grains and other fiber-rich foods
  64. a woman frequently has steak, potato, margarine, white dinner roll, what should she eliminate to reduce risk of breast cancer
  65. man is at risk for developing colon cancer, what should he eat?
  66. how to add more veg to diet
    snack on carrots
  67. the role of inflammation in development of atherosclerosis includes
    WBCs being sent to the site by the immune system to try to repair the damage
  68. -formation of plaques leading to inflammation from a diet high in sat fat
    -blood clots that can break loose
    .....can lead to
    heart attack and stroke.
  69. Kathy has given birth to a smalle, low-birthweight infant. Why?
    1. poor nutrition
  70. an obsese woman is trying to get pregnant with her first baby
    she should try to achieve a healthy pre-pregnancy weight first
  71. Woman that will develop a healthy placenta
    • -30 lbs over weight
    • -balanced veg diet
    • - underweight trying to gain
  72. malnutrition during the critical times of pregnancy will....
    impair the development of organs....IRREVERSIBLE
  73. Malnutrition late in pregnancy affects _______ of the baby
  74. nonpreg= 1600 cals to maintain
    preg= 3rd trimester
    1600 +450=2050 cal
  75. non preg= 46 g of protein
    46+25=71 gram
  76. preg vegetarian is __________ deficient
    vitamin b12
  77. should all women take penatal supplements
    yes, because they contain increased nutrient values needed during pregnancy
  78. teen pregnancy
    take a prenatal vitamin supplement to be certain she is getting enough folate
  79. Nancy 124 but is pregnant how much will she weigh after
    +25-35 lbs =149-159
  80. Morning sickness suggestion
    -sip carbonated beverage and nibble on crackers before getting out of bed
  81. pregnant coffee addict needs to
    limit it to 1 cup per day
  82. wine drinker gets preg
    even a small amount of alcohol during a critical growth period can be damaging
  83. the development of fetal alcohol syndrome in infants is related to alcohol intake by a woman during her pregnancy....what is it?
    the most severe impact happens during the first 2 months of pregnancy
  84. a woman has gained 30 lbs in her first 2 months of pregnancy and has gestational diabetes
    this condition usually goes away after the baby is born
  85. if a woman develops preeclampsia during preg.....
    most women will lose their symptoms within 2 days after delivery
  86. what are the risks of hypertension during pregnancy?
    chronic hypertension and gestational hypertension increase the risk of heart attack and stroke
  87. bev ate 1500 calories before pregnancy, she is now lactation how many does she need
  88. breastfeeding is good
    conserves iron stores for several months
  89. breast milk offers protection against infections and allergies because...
    breast milk contains antibodies against diarreah caused by a rotavirus
  90. 3 month old baby girl= 9lbs
    405 cal/day
  91. 5-month old calcium intake should
    twice as much calcium as adults need on the basis of body weight
  92. commercial formula is appropriate when...
    a premature infant has special medical needs
  93. 6-month old infant, what should it eat?
    pureed veggies
    rice cereal
  95. if you want to make your own baby food
    puree a small amount of cooked food before seasonings have been added
  96. 7 month old needs 40-50% of calories from fat..... 675 cals perday=
    270 calories from fat
  97. 855 of children with type 2 diabetes are....
  98. an adolescent has a total cholesterol level of 180 mg/dL and an LDL of 115 mg/dL. this individual's disease risk is...
  99. 10 year old is overweight and is at risk for developing
    type 2 diabetes
  100. initial goal for obese children is to
    • -hold weight steady while they grow
    • -slow rate of gain
  101. reccommendatin for a 6 year old to improve health
    carry a water bottle
  102. 2- year old toddler is going through food jags, concentrating on only one or two foods. should her parents be concerned
    yes because she may not get adequate iron intake from the foods she selects
  103. acceptable food for a child
    lightly crunchy steamed carrots
  104. at meal times the best way to ensure children are recieving nutritional adequacy from the food is
    to allow them to select from nutritious foods you have prepared for the family
  105. most appropriate of ice cream, candy, oreos and cola for an active normal weight child?
    ice cream
  106. the best way to introduce new foods into toddler's diet is to
    introduce them at the beginning of the meal when the child is hungry
  107. significant choking risk=
    • -inclined position destracted
    • -running around while eating
  108. is lead posioning stilla problem?
    yes because there are sitll children with deficiencies of the vitamins and minerals that reduce adsorption
  109. a parent who wishes to protect her child from lead toxicity would do all of the following
    • -prevent the child from chewing on old painted surfaces
    • -wash childs hands bottle and toys often
    • -adequate calcium intake
  110. tommy ate eggs, whole grain toast, cheese and orange juiice and got an allergic reaction from....
  111. child like bananas now doesn't because he puke after eating them
    food aversion
  112. hyper behavior is from
    • -desire of attention
    • -lack of sleep
    • -overstimulation
  113. hyperactivity of a kindergardener can be controlled byt
    regular meal times
  114. 7 year old who skips breakfast will
    make up the nutrients he missed by including them at lunch
  115. 15 joe is an active male, his parents are concerned he is not growing properly, to assess his growth...
    compare his height and weight with previous measures taken at intervals
  116. to control her weight she drinks diet cola instead of milk. how can she develop peak bone mass?
    eat high calcium snacks
  117. extensive acne on face how to improve?
    relax on spring break to relieve stress
  118. fast food meal, how to make up for an adequate diet?
    • -eat foods hhigh in vitamins a and c
    • - eat foods from fiber sources
  119. a 70-year old women needed 2000 cal to maintain at 50 years how many does she need if her activity is the same
    decreases 100 cal per decade- 1800
  120. an elderly man wants to start physical activity, what nutrition adjestment should he make?
    increased BMR from exercise will allow him to eat more food
  121. an elderly women wants to begin an exercise program to keep herself healthy
    she should aim for 150 minutes or what ever she can safely per week
  122. Lois is a 65 year old female who participates in an exercise class 3x/week
    +6 glasses of water, fruit,veg, takes hypertension medicine
    why is she constipated?
  123. reduce the effects of arthritis?
    antioxidants and omega-3 fatt acids in fish oil can reduce inflammation in the joints
  124. old women, no sun, less meat,cant conccentrate on others
    what defiency?
    vit d and vit b 12
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