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  1. vit B1
  2. vit B2
  3. vit B3
  4. vit B5
    pantothenic acid
  5. vit B6
  6. vit B12
  7. B vitamin toxicities
    nicain (B3) and pyridoxine (B6)
  8. B vit similariteis
    • many are abundant in the diet
    • some operate/require each other
    • they are essential for similar body functions
  9. B-complex?
    • originally thought to be 1 vitamin
    • now know it is many vitamins
    • all have different daily requirements
  10. which B vits are found in enriched refined grains?
    • thiamin
    • riboflavin
    • niacin
    • folic acid
  11. which vitamin has the following functions:
    mitochondrial engery prodution
    transketolase for pentose phosphate pathway
    functions in nerves and muscle
    thiamin (B1)
  12. how to measure tissue thiamin
    transketolase activity
  13. thiamin deficiency usually associated with:
    called Beriberi- alcoholism
  14. dry beriberi affects
    peripheral neuropathy
  15. wet beriberi affects
    congestive heart failure and edema
  16. cerebral beriberi
    wornaki-korsakoff syndrome
  17. which vitamin has the following functions:
    energy metabolism
    anitoxidant function
    liver detoxification
    riboflavin (B2)
  18. chronic riboflavin deficiency caused by
    • alcoholism
    • anorexia nervosa
  19. s/sx of riboflavin deficiency
    • oral: chelosis, angular stomatitis, glossitis
    • skin: seborrheic dermatitis
    • eye: corneal vascularization
  20. riboflavin is used for the treatment of:
    • cataract prevention: protects the lens
    • migrains: reduces frequency and duration
  21. 2 forms of niacin
    • nicotinic acid: plants, lowers cholesterol in large doses
    • nicotinamide: animals, no effect on cholesterol
  22. how can the body synthesize niacin
    from tryptophan
  23. what vitamins has the following functions:
    mitochondrial energy production
    anabolic reactons
  24. niacin deficiency
    pellagra: dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia, death
  25. what to look for in niacin supplements
    slow release niacin to control flushing
  26. risks associated with high therapeutic doses of niacin
    flushing, hepatotoxicity, GI irritaion, headache, impaired glucose tolerance, elevated uric acid
  27. conditions that can be worsened by niacin
    • diabetes
    • peptic ulcer
    • migraines
    • gout
    • cardiac arrhythmias
  28. evidence of niacing lowering cholesterol
    • reduced heart attacks
    • reduced cerebrovascular events
    • reduced death rates
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