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  1. occupations
    set of purposeful, related activities that a person engaged in over life course
  2. occupational preformance
    convergance of person. the occupation and enviorment
  3. how does ot address occupation?
    • conduct interviews
    • assesses
    • develops an intervention plan
    • i,plements intercents
    • records progress
  4. types of problems addressed by an OT
    1. problems that interfere with an individuals ability to independently function within meaningful areas of occupation

    2. clientele range across stagges of development (birth-100 years)

    3. dysfunction can manifest through physical, psychosocial, cognitive developmental and or enviormental onditions
  5. tools of OT
    • nonhuman enviorment
    • use of self
    • teaching/learning principles
    • use of purposeful activitites
    • activity groups
    • activity analysis/sythesis
  6. arthritis
    inflammation and degeneration of a joint
  7. atrophy
    muscle waste
  8. dyskinesisa
    difficulty in movement
  9. osteomalacia
    softening of the bones
  10. kinesiology
    study of movement or motion
  11. inversion
    turning a body part inward
  12. arthrodresis
    surgical fixation of joints
  13. osteoplasty
    surgical repair of the bone
  14. asthenia
  15. necrosis
    disease related death of tissue
  16. melanoma
    malignant skin tumor that arises from pigmented cells
  17. scler-
  18. pruritis
    symptom of itching
  19. alopecia
    • balding condition
    • the loss of hair
  20. dermatitis
    inflammation of the skin
  21. keliod
    overgrown scar
  22. rhytidoplasty
    surgical repair of wrikles
  23. edema
    swelling caused by an accumulation fo fluid
  24. excessive perspiration
  25. dorsal
    lying on back
  26. histologist
    one who studies tissues
  27. engogastic
    pertaining to within the stomach
  28. ypohepatic
    pertaining to the below average amount of cells in the liver
  29. osteoarthritis
    inflammation of the joints of the bone
  30. arthroscopy
    process of viewing the joints
  31. a plane that is a vertical plane that passes through the body from front to back and divides the body into right an dleft portions
  32. "pertaining to a person, self or disease"
  33. neuritis
    inflammmation of the nerce
  34. hyperesthesia
    increased sensitivity to stimulation such as touch or pain
  35. parkinsons disease
    chronic degenerative disease of the brain indicated by hand tremos, rigidity, and shuffling gait
  36. cephalalgia
    a headache
  37. aphasia
  38. craniotomy
    incission into the skull
  39. radiculopathy
    disease of the nerve roots
  40. polyneuritis
    inflammation of many nerves at one time
  41. parapalegia
    paralysis from the waist down
  42. quadri
    word root which means four
  43. hypoglycemia
    a patient that has a lab test result of abnormally low blood sugar leels
  44. pancreatosis
    condition of the pancreas
  45. ren-
  46. thyroidectomy
    surgical incision of the thyroid
  47. calcipenia
    abnormal reduction of calcium levels in the body
  48. polydiipsia
    abnormally high thirst
  49. endocrinology
    the study of the various hormones in the body and thir related structures
  50. megally
    abnormally large
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