Science Carbon Cycle

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  1. What is the importance of photosynthesis?
    Photosynthesis provides oxygen and keeps CO2 and O2 Balenced.
  2. How is the law of conservation of matter supported by the carbon cycle.
    Carbon cycle: Balence: No more, no less CO2 or O2.
  3. What is the chemical and word equation for photosynthesis?
    • 6CO2 + 6H20 -> 6O2 + 1C6 H12 O6
    • Six carbon dioxide plus six water yeilds one glucose and six oxygen.
  4. Write and Explain the Chemical Formula for Cellular Respiration.
    • 6O2 + 1C6H12O6 -> 6CO2 + 6H2O.
    • The chemical forumal for cellular respiration is the exact oppisite of photosynthesis.
  5. How does a plant get the two main things it needs for photosynthesis?
    • The Stomata-CO2
    • Roots-H2O
  6. What does a plant do with the two things it produces in photosynthesis?
    It will use the energy it generates to grow and respire. The oxygen is a "waste product."
  7. What is respiration?
    Respiraiton is when animals convert food into usable energy, aka. ATP.
  8. How is respiration related to photosynthesis?
    Respiration and photosynthesis are the exact oppisite.
  9. How is burning wood related to respiration?
    Burning wood releases H2O (Smoke) and CO2, just like respiration.
  10. Does a plant produce carbon dioxide? Explain.
    Yes. In the night the plant respires, releasing CO2.
  11. What is the main source of mass for a tree? Explain.
    CO2 is the main source of mass for a tree.
  12. Where does energy captured at the begining of photosynthesis originate from?
    The energy captured at the beggining of photosynthesis originates from the sun.
  13. What form of chemical energy is produced by photosynthesis?
    Glucose, C6H12O6.
  14. Explain how Carbon is cycled through the environment.
    Carbon can go to many places. It can start in the atmosphere and end up in the deep ocean.
  15. Identify the three ways extra Carbon is added to the envieronment by humans: Combustion, Extraction, Deforestation.
    Combustion: Burning anything releases the carbon that was in it.

    Extraction: Extacting and burning fossil fuels releases the carbon stored in them and puts them into the atmosphere and other sinks.

    Deforestation: Deforestation removes trees which photosynthisize and help balnece out O2 and CO2.
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