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  1. Counter culture
    to counter conformity
  2. Hippie
    disaffected baby boomers begin to revolt against problems
  3. Hippie dislike-
    authority, conformity, hypocrisy, money, war
  4. Want
    new ways to express themselves
  5. Timothy Leary
    Harvard student experimented with LSD
  6. 1967 summer of love
    mass migration of hippies to San Francisco
  7. 1970 migration
    migration of people away from urban areas
  8. Free love
    non-monogomous relationships
  9. Polyandry
    more love=more happieness
  10. Yippie
    political hippie, combinationof pot and politics
  11. Music
    was important to culture
  12. Woodstock
    rock festival, 3 days, 1969, 400,000 people
  13. Women's liberation
    in response to male dominated social norms began in 1960's
  14. Betty Friedan
    "The feminen mystique" women were living lives of silent desperation
  15. NOW
    1966 creation of national organization for women
  16. women's demands
    • 1- equal opportunity in employment and education
    • 2- child care centers for working mothers
    • 3- allowed in military academies
    • 4- shelters for battered woman
  17. Rowe V Wade
    legalized abortion 1973
  18. Sexual Revolution
    1960- 1st birth control pill approved by the FDA

    sexuality in movies


    sex was a legit field of study

    1969 midngiht cowboy
  19. June 28, 1969
    NY police raided stonewall in police lost control of situation, crowd got to 600 and began to taunt and riot, next day thousands began to protest (start gay rights)
  20. Gay liberation front
    1st organization to have gay in the title
  21. Jane 28, 1970
    first gay pride march
  22. 1975
    removed ban on hiring gays for civil service
  23. Rachel Carson
    "silent spring" about the use of pesticides and negative effects
  24. Wisconsin
    started recycling
  25. politics 1964
    democrats owned the south, changed because of civil rights act
  26. 1968 election
    Nixon used the southern strategy
  27. southern strategy
    solidify support by appealing to white racist fears and white opposition to civil rights
  28. Nixon election
    elected oon a platform of restoring order and Vietnam, he was conservative but not in the way republicans wanted him to be
  29. Detente
    relaxation of tensions
  30. 1960's cold war
    both sides realize we cant continue ideological struggle, changes to traditional power rivalry instead of winning thought destruction, win through control
  31. multi-polar world
    power divided between Soviet Union, US, Europe, Japan, and China
  32. 1969
    fighting between Soviet's and China
  33. Financial problems
    • domestic- great society
    • foreign- Vietnam
  34. 1st detente
    improve relations with china, until this point US had not recognized China's government
  35. Ping Pong diplomacy
    1971 US Ping Pong team went to Japan to compete, China was also there Clen Coen road a bus with Chinese to hote, Mao invited American team to China, Nixon accepted, led to better relations with china
  36. Nixon and China
    Nixon allowed China into the UN
  37. February 1972
    Nixon 1st president to visit China he signed the Shanghai communique
  38. Shanghai communique
    not binding statement of agreements reached, attempt to focus on thing in common, open trade and cultural contacts, US would adhere to one policy (Taiwan was part of China) fate of Taiwan would be resolved peacefully
  39. 1st embassy
    opened in China after Nixon's trip, 1st ambassador waas George HW Bush
  40. 2nd detente
    better relationships with soviets
  41. 1962 cuban missile crisis
    soviets put nuclear weapons in Cuba, US said that wasnot okay andled to showdown between US and SU, closest time to nuclear war
  42. 1963 Partial Test ban treaty
    prohibited nuclear testing on land, water, and atmosphere (underground was okay) concered about nuclear fallout, wanted to slow down nuclear arms race
  43. outer space treaty
    1967 prohibited placing weapons of mass destruction in space, demilitarized space
  44. nuclear non-proliferation treat
    1970 limit spread of nuclear weapons, onl7 countries that already had them could keep them
  45. Salt agreement
    strategic arms limitation treaty, affected anti-ballistic missile system, limited to 200 ABMs, froze construction on ICBMs
  46. ICBM
    intercontinental ballistic system
  47. ABM
    antiballistic missile
  48. hotline
    moscow to D.C. in crisis situatioin US and SU would have direct connection to control crisis
  49. Hel Sinki Accords
    1975 countries met and signed "wilsonian" statement, refrain from force in foreign policy, reaffirmed self determination of people, international law, define international rights
  50. Nixon doctrine
    US would give support for developement of countries, would defend countries, defense would be primary responsibility of countries
  51. paris peace accords
    US troops would withdraw from Vietnam, US POWs would be returned to US, North and South would negotiate peacefully, all sides violated, and 1975 North Vietnam took over the South
  52. Congress
    realized they needed to take more responsibility in foreign affairs
  53. war powers act
    repealed tonkin gulf resolution, instituted restriction on president power, required president to notify congress whenactivating military (48 hours), Nixon vetoed but congress overthrew veto
  54. CREEP
    committee to reelect the president
  55. deep throat
    watergate informant- mark felt
  56. US Vs Nixon
    court ruled that they would have to hand over tapes from the oval office
  57. end of office
    nixon was the only president to resign from office
  58. President ford
    granted nixon a pardon

    new cia director George HW bush
  59. stagflation
    horrible economy- military spending and great society
  60. stagnation
    not moving
  61. inflation
    price of goods going up
  62. reason for staglation
    because the rest of the world is starting to recover from WWII and start to compete with US for economic superiority
  63. Problems with middle easy
    Palesinians and Jews wanted holyland
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