Acids and Bases 2

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  1. How do you predict acid/base equilibria
    Check whether the reactants or the products has the stronger acid/stronger base combination. Position of equilibrium will be to the opposite of the stronger acids/stronger base. (I.e. draw the longer arrow to opposite side of stronger acid/stronger base)
  2. What is the equilibrium constant
    Keq. When you see the equation, acetate is [A-]
  3. Given the pKa, how do you find Ka
    • - 10 - pKa
    • - pKa is usually a number like 4.75. To find Ka, do this: 10-4.75
  4. A strong acid and a strong base react to give
    a salt and water
  5. A strong acid and a weak base react to give
    An acidic salt
  6. A weak acid and a strong base react to give
    a salt and water
  7. Strong acids react with certain metals to give
    A salt and H2
  8. Strong bases react with weak acids to give
    Basic salt
  9. When do you see a water and a basic sol'n
    when a strong acid reacts with a metal oxide
  10. What happens when a strong acid reacts with a carbonate/bicarbonate
    produces carbonic acid (which decomposes into CO2 and H20)
  11. Small pKa =
    Strong Acid
  12. What is the conjugate base of HCl
  13. A bronsted acid must have a _____ to give up
  14. Know how to work the Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation
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