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  1. 6 criteria of critical thinking
    - welcome divergent views

    -value truth over self interest

    -tolerate ambiguity

    -accepting change

    -emphasize and do not relate things back to oneself

    -recognizing own personal biases
  2. definition of psychology
    scientific study of behavior and mental processes
  3. Erik Eriksons 8 psychosocial stages
    -Trust vs mistrust (birth to age 1)

    -Autonomy vs shame and doubt (1-3)

    -Initiative vs guilt (3-6)

    -Industry vs inferiority (6-12)

    -Identity vs Role Confusion (12-20)

    -Intimacy vs Isolation (young adulthood)

    -Generativty vs stagnation (middle adulthood)

    -Ego integrity vs despair (late adulthood)
  4. definition of psychotherapy
    treatment of medical disorder by psychological rather than medical means
  5. Catharis
    Freud believes that when one is aware of previously hidden conflicts it releases the tension
  6. insight therapy
    it is a group that contains cognitive, humanistic, group, and family therapies.

    -they are grouped because they seek to increase insight into clients difficulties.
  7. Resistance
    -during free association, freud notice patients forgetting what they were saying or changing topic. this is showing signs of resistance.

    -Therapists need to help patients deal with problems head on and relaistically
  8. Psychodynamic therapy
    a briefer more directive contemporary form of psychoanalysis, which empahsizes conscious problems and current problems
  9. Rogerian qualities for communication

    -unconditional positive regard


    -active listening
  10. Physiological intervention
    biomedial therapy, using drugs, electroconvulsive tehrapy, and psychosurgery to reduce or alleviate symptoms of psychological disorder
  11. Definition of Psychopharmacology
    study of drug effects on the mind and behavior
  12. (perspectives on abnormal beahvior) Sociocultural
    problems reflect cultural values and beliefs
  13. (perspectives on abnormal beahvior) Behavioral
    innapropriate conditioning or modeling
  14. (perspectives on abnormal beahvior) Evolutionary
    exaggerated form of an adaptive reaction
  15. (perspectives on abnormal beahvior) Humanistic
    blocked personal growth
  16. (perspectives on abnormal beahvior) Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic
    unconscious unresolved conflicts
  17. (perspectives on abnormal beahvior) Cognitive
    faulty thinking
  18. (perspectives on abnormal beahvior) Biological
    problems with brain function, genetic predisposition, and biochemistry
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