Codes and Practices 1 & NEIS

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  1. A receptacle having an isolated equipment grounding terminal that is required for reduction of electrical noise is referred to as an _________, and is required to be identified by a(n)_________. Codes and practices 1, PP 85 NEC 250.146(D)
    • isolated grounding receptacle
    • orange triangle on the face
  2. The isolated grounding receptacle is grounded differently how? Codes and Practices 1, PP 85
    It is allowed to pass through panelboards and other enclosures so as to ground directly to the service or separately derived system. NEC 250.146D
  3. Does an isolated grounding conductor relieve the requirement for grounding the raceway system and outlet boxes? NEC 250.146D Informational note (NC set: codes & pract. 1)
    No. An isolated equipment grounding conductor is installed in addition to the equipment grounding conductor.
  4. According to the NEIS, apparatus with moisture sensitive insulation, such as dry type transformers, shall be stored under conditions that ensure the insulation material does not absorb moisture. For example, relative humidity must be maintained below _____________ at all times. Codes and Practices 1, PP 119
    75 percent
  5. The NEIS states what about corrosion protection and installations? Codes and Practices 1, PP 120
    Damaged corrosion protection shall be repaired during or after installation.
  6. Nails are used for what sort of support and loads? Codes and Practices 1, PP 121 & NEIS
    Temporary support and light loads.
  7. Which code article requires zinc enriched paint or similar sealant on field cut corrosion protective coated materials? Codes and Practices 1, PP 122 & NEIS
    NEC 300.6
  8. Generally, boxes for receptacles shall be mounted either vertically or horizontally, but ______________. Codes and Practices 1, PP 124 & NEIS
    vertically, or horizontally, but consistently throughout the structure.
  9. Boxes of three or more gangs shall be mounted with the what horizontal? Codes and Practices 1, PP 124 & NEIS
    Long axis.
  10. Boxes for switches near doors shall be located on the side ___________ and? Codes and Practice 1, PP 124 & NEIS
    opposite the hinge and close to the door trim.
  11. What type of device plates shall not be used as covers for surface mounted boxes? Codes and Practices 1, PP 124
  12. Covers for large junction or pull boxes that are __________ or larger should be hinged or sectionalized to facilitate removal and replacement. Codes and Practices 1, PP 125 & NEIS
    6 sq. feet
  13. Where the installation situation is such that joints cannot be made tight, _________ shall be used to proved electrical continuity of the raceway system. Codes and Practices 1, PP 127 & NEIS
    bonding jumpers.
  14. Considering an installations of a vertical light pole and the wires terminating at the top, what must be provided per the NEIS for good work practice? Codes and Practices 1, PP 129
    The conductors may not be supported by thier terminations per NEIS, so strain relief, such as a zip tie, must be used.
  15. Safety switches shall be considered what type of load in reference to equipment mounting? Codes and Practices 1, PP 131 & NEIS
    Shock load
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