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  1. 11 phone
    • Sound
    • Telephone- sound from far away
  2. 12 sonus
    • Sound (Latin)
    • Sound- vibrations perceived by our ears
  3. 13 skopeo
    • Look at, inspect consider, examine
    • Scope- all that the eye can see
    • Microscope- device to look at small objects
  4. 14 video
    • See (Latin)
    • Television- machine for seeing things that are far away
  5. 15 logos
    • Word, study
    • Logic- reasoning to gain knowledge and wisdom
    • In the beginning was the Word (logos), and the Word (logos) was with God, and the Word (logos) was God. John 1:1
  6. 16 verbum
    • Word (Latin)
    • Verb- the action word in a sentence
    • Proverb- a wise or profound saying
  7. 17 nomen
    • Name (Latin)
    • Nominate- suggest someone’s name for office
    • Nomenclature- system of names used to classify knowledge; what we call things
  8. 18 pro
    • For, before, forward, in place of (Latin)
    • Profess- to admit that one is an expert
    • Problem- anything thrown forward to be worked on, or solved
  9. 19 prae
    • Before, in front of (Latin)
    • Predict- say beforehand, foretell
    • Precaution- being on guard beforehand
  10. 20 ad
    • To toward; near next to
    • Adhere- stick to
    • Admire- look at with wonder or amazement
    • Adjective- word “thrown at” a noun to modify it

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