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  1. 2 Justifications for Punishment
    • Backward looking = retributive justice
    • Forward looking = deterrence, rehabilitation
  2. Capital Punishment in middle ages
    • executions were public had two purposes
    • 1 save the soul
    • 2 deterrence
  3. Capital Punishment in 17th Century
    Public executions go private
  4. Capital Punishment in the 70's and 80's
    death penalty abolished in all western countries
  5. Raphael Lempkin
    coined the term genocide
  6. Ecology
    • Eco=home
    • ology=study of
  7. world view 1 = technical
    nature is something to be used and manipulated, instrumental
  8. world view 2 = Natural
    emphasis on the connection between humans, animals, and all of life
  9. Centeral ethical issues (3)
    • missusing and polluting the enviroment
    • Expoliting, abusing, destroying animals
    • waste and destruction of natural resources
  10. Teleological
    what will help the world to flourish
  11. Aesthetic Value
    Nature as an object of beauty
  12. sacred value
    religous value, nature is holy
  13. anthropocentrism
    humans are the center of the universe anf the envirement has no intrinsic value its only instrimental
  14. expanded circle approach:

    any living being that feels has moral value
  15. biocentrism
    all and only living things are important
  16. Eco-centrism
    the well being and flourishing of the living earth and its many organic / inorganic parts
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