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  1. Selectively Permeable -or- Semi-Permeable (define)
    The cell controls what goes in or out of the cell membrane so that the cell maintains homeostasis.
  2. Endocytosis (define)
    The movement of substances into a cell by use of a vesicle.
  3. Exocytosis (define)
    The movement of a substance out of a cell by use of a vesicle.
  4. T/F Endocytosis and Exocytosis require energy.
  5. The two types of endocytosis are:
    • Pinocytosis
    • Phagocytosis
  6. Pinocytosis (define)
    • "Cell drinking"
    • The movement of fluids and dissolved solutes into the cell.
  7. Phagocytosis (define)
    • "Cell eating"
    • The movement of a large particle or even whole organisms into the cell.
  8. Osmosis (define)
    The diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane.
  9. T/F Osmosis requires energy.
  10. Diffusion (define)
    Movement of a substance from high concentration to low concentration.
  11. Active Transport
    • Movement against concentration gradient.
    • Requires energy.
  12. Passive Transport
    • Movement with concentration gradent.
    • Does not require energy.
  13. Equilibrium
    A condition where the concentration of a substance is the same throughout a space.
  14. Hypertonic
    • A fluid with higher concentration of substances than the cell.
    • Cell will shrink.
  15. Hypotonic
    • A fluid with lower concentration of substances than the cell.
    • Cell will swell.
  16. Isotonic
    A fluid with the same concentration of substances as the cell.
  17. Facilitated Diffusion
    Substances are moved across a membrane through carrier proteins.
  18. T/F Facilitated diffussion requires energy.
  19. Carrier Protein
    A protein that carries a substance across the cell membrane.
  20. Solvent (define)
    The substance soing the dissolving.
  21. Solute (define)
    The substance being dissolved.
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