IS310 Exam4 Vocab Chap 14

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  1. application firewall
    a server that handles service requests from external users of applications; improve security by shielding internal servers and resources from direct access by outside users
  2. auditing
    the process of creating and managing records of user activity or resource access
  3. authentication
    the process of determing or verifying the identity of a user or process owner
  4. authorization
    the process of determining whether an authenticated user or process has enough rights to access a resource
  5. biometric authentication
    the method of verifying identit based on physical characteristics; such as fingerprints and facial features
  6. brownout
    a temporary reduction in voltage level by a power provide, usuall because of demand for electricity exceeding the provider's generation and transmission capabilities during peak demand periods
  7. capital expenditures
    funds an organization uses on capital resources
  8. capital resources
    assets or resources expected to provide benefits beyond the current fiscal year
  9. competitive advantages
    the way in which an organization uses resources to offer better or cheaper services so that it has a major edge over its competitors
  10. firewall
    a hardware device or software (or a combination) that prevents unauthorized users in one network from accessing resources on another network
  11. hardware monitor
    a device attached directly to the communication link betweek two hardware devices, often used to monitor the use of communication channels, disk drives, and network traffic; monitors communication activity between the two devices and stores communciation statistics that cna be retrieved and printed in a report
  12. heat dissipation
    conducting excessive heat away from a device, thus reducing its temperature
  13. infrastructure
    capital resources that provide benefits to a wide range of organizational units and functions; typically, they serve a large, divers group of users; have high maintenance costs; involve costs difficult to allocate to users separately; and require recurring capital expenditures
  14. monitors
    hardware or software that tracks and reports processing or I/O activity
  15. operating expenditures
    funds expended during the fiscal year to support normal business activities
  16. packet-filtering firewall
    the simplest type of firewall; examines each packet and matches header content to a list of allowed or denied packet types
  17. power sags
    momentary reductions in the voltage or amperage of electrical power
  18. power surges
    momentary increases (spikes) in the voltage or amperage of electrical power
  19. program profiler
    a software utility that describes the resource or service utilization of an application program during execution
  20. request for proposal (RFP)
    a formal document stating hardware or software requirements and soliciting proposals from vendors to meet these requirements
  21. service standards
    standards for providing infrastructure-based services to a wide variety of users
  22. software monitor
    a program typically embedded in OS service routines that detects and reports processing activity or requests; can also generate statistics of services utilization or processing activity that can be displayed in real time or stored in a file for later analysis
  23. stateful firewall
    a firewall that tracks the process of complex client/server interactions
  24. strategic plan
    a set of long-range goals for services to be provided and the resources needed to provide these services
  25. surge protector
    a hardware device that detects incoming power surges and diverts them to ground
  26. system administration
    a wide range of managerial activities for ensuring efficient and reliable delivery of information services
  27. uninterriptible power supple (UPS)
    a device that provides power to attached devices in the event of external power failure; UPSs vary in their power delivery capacity, switching time, and battery life
  28. virus
    a program or program fragment that infects a computer by installing itself permanently, performs malicious acts on the infected computer, and replicates and spreads itself by using services on the infected computer
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