physics q4

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  1. if the acceleration is zero, the body cannot be moving?
  2. if the velocity is zero at an instant, the acceleration must also be zero at that instant.
  3. a baseball catcher throws a ball vertically upwad and catches it in the same spot when it returns to his mitt. at what point in the ball's path does it experience zero velocity and non zero acceleration at the same time?
    at the top of its trajectory
  4. can the displacement of a particle have a magnitude less than the distance traveled by the particle?
  5. what is the acceration of the projectile at the top of its flight?
  6. the time required for a bullet fired horizontally to reach the ground is the same as if it were dropped from the rest from the same height.
  7. a ball is thrown downward from the top of a 100m high building. When it is halfway to the ground, what is its acceleration.
  8. a ball is thrown upward at 45 degree angle. in the absence of air resistance, the ball follows a ?
    parabolic curve.
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