psy ch 12 quiz

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  1. In practice, ________ explains most instances in which people voluntarily seek professional help.
    • subjective discomfort
  2. The system used in the United States and Canada to classify psychological problems:
    is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR).
  3. Exhibitionism, fetishism, and voyeurism are considered:
    • paraphilias.
  4. The legal definition of ________ means the inability to manage one's affairs or to be aware of the consequences of one's actions.
    • insanity
  5. Keelie's parents are concerned about her impulsivity and unpredictability that have persisted beyond her adolescent years. She is extremely sensitive to any hint of criticism, and her erratic moods and impulses have ultimately affected any chance of her developing stable relationships or hold a job. Keelie is showing symptoms of a(n) ________ personality disorder.
    • borderline
  6. The term "nervous breakdown":
    • has no formal psychological meaning.
  7. Irrational acts a person feels driven to repeat are called ________. They help control anxiety caused by ________.
    compulsions; obsessions
  8. The disorder called ________ is characterized by symptoms of extensive amnesia, sudden, unexplained traveling from home, and confusion about one's personal identity.
    • dissociative fugue
  9. Hypochondriasis, pain disorders, and conversion disorders are types of ________ disorders.
    • somatoform
  10. Mitzi's therapist tells her that her anxiety is due to her not making choices in her life that truly reflect what she values, feels, and believes. He encourages Mitzi to make wise and courageous choices in her life and take responsibility for finding the meaning and happiness in life. Mitzi's therapist supports the ________ approach to understanding anxiety.
    • existential
  11. Maria believes that she is the famous singer Celine Dion and goes around the psychiatric facility singing all of Celine Dion's greatest hits, much to the dismay of all of the residents. Maria is experiencing:
    • delusions of grandeur.
  12. People diagnosed with paranoid psychosis often include those who are:
    • self-styled reformers and "UFO abductees."
  13. The type of schizophrenia marked by incoherence, grossly disorganized behavior, bizarre thinking, and flat affect or grossly inappropriate emotions is called:
    • disorganized.
  14. Dysthymic and cyclothymic disorders are types of:
    • moderate mood disorders.
  15. Recent life crisis, aggression, risk-taking, sudden mood swings, and gift-giving of prized possessions are among the warning signs for:
    • suicide.
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