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  1. Who is the governer of Texas?
    Rick Perry
  2. Who is the Vice President of the USA?
    Joe Biden
  3. Name the 4 states that border Texas and to which direction is each.
    • New Mexico- West
    • Oklahoma- North
    • Arkansas- Northeast
    • Louisiana- East
  4. Name the 6 flags that have flown over Texas.
    • Texas.
    • U.S.A.
    • C.S.A.
    • France
    • Mexico
    • Spain
  5. Absolute Location (define)
    Exactly where you are.
  6. Relative Location (define)
    Where you are as compared to something.
  7. Is the Equator longitude or latitude?
  8. Is the Prime Meridian latitude or longitude?
  9. Name the 7 continents
    • Asia
    • Africa
    • Antarctica
    • Australia
    • North America
    • South America
    • Europe
  10. Name the five rights protected by the 1st Amendment.
    • Speech
    • Press
    • Religion
    • Petition
    • Assembly
  11. Name the right protected by the 2nd Amendment.
    Right to bear arms.
  12. Name the right protected by the 4th Amendment.
    No unreasonable search or seizure.
  13. Name the right protected by the 8th Amendment.
    No cruel or unusual punishment.
  14. Which ocean touches the east coast of the USA?
    Atlantic Ocean.
  15. Which ocean touches the west coast of the USA?
    Pacific Ocean.
  16. What is a region?
    Areas that are similar.
  17. Physical Region (define)
    Shows things you can touch or see.
  18. Formal Region (define)
    Shows clear boundaries set by the government.
  19. Which continent has the most people?
  20. Where does North America rank in population?
  21. How long does it take the earth to make one rotation?
    One day.
  22. How long does it take the earth to make one revolution?
    One year.
  23. What is geography?
    The study of the earth and people's impact on it.
  24. What 3 countries make up North America?
    Canada, USA, Mexico.
  25. Atmosphere (define)
    The air surrounding the earth.
  26. Lithosphere (define)
    The earth's upper mantle and crust.
  27. Hydrosphere (define)
    All the water on the earth's surface.
  28. Biosphere (define)
    All of the living things on the earth.
  29. B.C. (define)
    Before Christ
  30. A.D. (define)
    Anno Domini (In the year of our Lord)
  31. Weather (define)
    Changes in tempurature and precipitation.
  32. Climate (define)
    The average weather of a region.
  33. Map Projection (define)
    Shows round on flat.
  34. Scale (define)
    Shows the proportions of a map.
  35. Key -or- Legend
    Decodes the symbols on a map.
  36. Map (define)
    2D representation of space.
  37. Cartographer (define)
    Someone who draws maps.
  38. Compass Rose (define)
    Shows the four directions on a map.
  39. Thematic Map (define)
    Shows subjects or themes.
  40. Tundra (define)
    Soil frozen most of the year.
  41. Sediment (define)
    Soil and minerals carried by water and wind.
  42. Delta (define)
    Where rivers end and pour sediment into larger bodies of water.
  43. Tectonic Plates (define)
    Large pieces of the earth's lithosphere.
  44. Shifting tectonic plates cause _________.
    Earthquakes and volcanoes.
  45. Fault (define)
    A crack or fracture in the lithosphere.
  46. Canyons are caused by _______.
  47. Erosion (define)
    Breaking down of rock and soil by wid or water.
  48. Weathering (define)
    Breaking down of rocks by wind, water, ice, or living things.
  49. Hydroelectric Dam (define)
    • Man-made dam.
    • Uses water to make electricity.
  50. 4 Functions of Hydroelectric Dams:
    • Make Electricity
    • Control Flooding
    • Water for Droughts
    • Irrigation
  51. Tsunami (define)
    Giant wave caused by an earthquake under the ocean.
  52. Elevation (define)
    How high you are above sea level.
  53. Biome (define)
    Region that supports a certain time of life.
  54. Peninsula (define)
    Piece of land surrounded on 3 sides by water.
  55. Canal (define)
    • Man-made river.
    • Connects 2 bodies of water.
  56. Agriculture (define)
    Farming and ranching.
  57. Renewable Resource (define)
    Energy that can be re-used.
  58. Non-Renewable Resource (define)
    Energy that cannot be re-used.
  59. What is culture?
    A way of life?
  60. Name the 5 Great Lakes
    • Huron
    • Ontario
    • Michigan
    • Erie
    • Superior
    • (HOMES)
  61. El Niño (define)
    • Warming of the Pacific Ocean.
    • More rain for USA.
  62. La Niña (define)
    • Cooling of the Pacific Ocean.
    • Less rain for USA.
  63. Biodiversity (define)
    Different kinds of life.
  64. GIS (define)
    Satellites graph exact topography.
  65. Sustainable Development (define)
    Using resources for current and future needs.
  66. Spatial Diffusion (define)
    Spreading and exchanging over large areas.
  67. Demography (define)
    Study of population and people.
  68. Subcontinent (define)
    Large land mass smaller than a continent.
  69. Seismic Activity (define)
    Earthquakes and volcanoes.
  70. Convection (define)
    Movement of warmth by wind or currents.
  71. Deposition (define)
    Depositing sediment by wind or water.
  72. Steppes (define)
    Large grasslands.
  73. GDP stands for:
    Gross Domestic Product
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