World Religions

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  1. Smriti and Shruti
    in The hindu faith all sacred writings are defined or categorized

    • a. Shruti(that is heard) - is the most important becuase it is what "god said"
    • b. Smriti (that is remembered)
  2. 4 Vedas
    • - in hinduism
    • - the Shruti consits of the 4 vedas
    • 1. Rig Veda 0 General Knowledge
    • 2. Sama Veda - Knowledge of Worship - classical
    • 3. Yajar veda - knowledge of action - karma
    • 4. Atharva veda - knowledge of science and misc subjects
  3. Moksha
    • The goal of hinduism
    • - to achieve liberation from the endless cycle of death rebirth death rebirth
    • to unite atman with Brahman
  4. Yoga
    • In Hinduism
    • a way to acheive alchemy
    • a spiritaual disapline (at man united with brahman)
    • Different types:
    • - Bhakti yoga- path of devotion
    • - Karma yoga - path of action
    • - Jnana Joga path of action
    • - Raja Joga - path of meditation
  5. Caste System
    • used in hinduism
    • ex: your grandpa was a lawyer so your dad was a lawyer so you are a lawyer

    different groups in the caste system

    • Brahmin - teacher or priest
    • Kshatriya - warriors and rulers
    • Vaishya merchant or farmer
    • Sudra Servent and labourer
  6. Kong Fuzi
    • - Chinese Philosopher
    • - concerened with practical moral values
    • he was born 551-279 BCE
    • Real name was Kong qui
    • Kong fuzi means master king
    • western missionary renamed him Confucius
    • founder of Confucianism
  7. MahaVira
    • AKA Lord Mahavira
    • 24th Tirthankara
    • 599 to 527 BCE
    • Reformer who addressed the problems of Hinduism (caste system slavery women equality)
    • Reformed hinduism to a concept called Ahisma
  8. Ren
    Part of Confucianism

    • to put your self in another persons shoes
    • grows a sense of compassion
  9. Ahimsa
    a part of the Jain religion

    a doctrine of non violence toward all living things
  10. Jiva and Ajiva
    apart of jainism

    • Everything has a soul whether it is living or not
    • if it is living it has a jiva meaning living soul

    if it is inanomate or is dead ie a piece of paper it has an Ajiva
  11. Kami

    The spirits that underlie all existance
  12. tao
    In Taoism

    the way to practice the way of nature adn to understand how to acheive balance between opposing forces
  13. Yin and Yang
    Aparat of taoism

    • yin - dark evil
    • Yang - light good truth
    • everything transends time
    • there is a little good in every evil and a little evil in every good.
  14. Tao Te Ching
    Sacred book in Taoism

    • Short poems
    • there is everything from advice to leaders to the paradoxes about life
    • " the tao gives birth to one
    • the one gives birth to the two
    • the two gives birth to the three
    • and the three gives birth to all things
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