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  1. Sociology
    Science of social group study
  2. Funeral
    Rites with body present
  3. Memorial Service
    Rites without body present
  4. Funeral Rite
    Both funeral and memorial service
  5. Cultural Universal
    Patterns identifiable in all cultures
  6. Mobility
    relocation, travel
  7. Industrialization
    Loss of craftsmanship
  8. Urbanization
    Increased concentrated population
  9. Bureaucratization
    Strict departmental standards with little or no variation of standards
  10. Anonymity
    Loss of individual identity
  11. Traditional funeral rite
    Those rites which follow prescribed ritual
  12. Non-traditional funeral rite
    Rite which deviates from the normal
  13. Humanistic funeral
    Devoid of religious funeral rite
  14. Adaptive funeral rite
    Contemporary funeral rite
  15. Immediate Disposition
    Completely devoid of any form of funeral rite
  16. Folkway
    Standard of behavior non-compulsive
  17. Law
    Must behavior enforced by government
  18. Ceremony
    Action with no symbolic content
  19. Ritual
    Action with symbolic content
  20. Religion
    Standard of behavior based on sacred beliefs
  21. Culture
    Abstract patterns of and for living and dying
  22. Mores
    Must behavior of basic and important patterns of ideas and acts of people
  23. Taboos
    Dictates what one must not do
  24. Customs
    Social behavior as dictated by tradition
  25. Enculturation
    Method by which social values are learned
  26. Primitive funeral rite
    Funeral rites identifiable with pre-literate society
  27. Immediate disposition
    Disposition of human remains devoid of any funeral rite at time of disposition
  28. Neolocalism
    Moving and living in area different from other thatn place of birth
  29. Rules
    Specified methods of procedure
  30. Rite
    Specific act or function dealing with death
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