terms for final quiz 13 cancer, radiology and nuclear medicine

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  1. anaplasia
    backward growth, loss of differentiation
  2. metastasis
    secondary growth or spread of cancer cells
  3. benign
    noninvasive, not cancerous
  4. apoptosis
    programmed cell death
  5. encapsulated
    surrounded by a capsule
  6. carcinogen
    agent that causes cancer
  7. infiltrative
    extending beyond normal tissue
  8. invasive
    entering and destroying surrounding tissue
  9. neoplasm
    new growth, tumor
  10. modality
    method of treatment
  11. mutation
    change in genetical material of a cell
  12. pallative
    relieving but not carrying symptoms
  13. radiation therapy
    use of radiation to treat tumors
  14. xerostomia
    dry mouth
  15. gross description of tumors
    visual appearance of tumors without use of microscope
  16. remission
    partial or complete disappearance of symptoms
  17. necrotic
    containing or pertaining to dead tissue
  18. carcinoma in situ
    localized, confined cancer
  19. dysplastic
    abnormal appearance of cells, not clearly cancerous
  20. oncogene
    region of DNA in a tumor or virus that causes cancer
  21. gray
    unit of absorbed radiation
  22. in vitro
    test or process performed in a test tube
  23. radiolucent
    permitting the passage of x-rays
  24. fluoroscopy
    use of a fluorescent screen and x-ray to view images
  25. in vivo
    test or process performed with a living organism
  26. PET scan
    emits positrons and uses radioactive glucose
  27. radiopaque
    blocks the passage of x-rays
  28. SPECT
    uses radioactive antibodies to detect drugs in blood
  29. sarcoma
    tumor arising from muscle or bone tissue
  30. angiogenesis
    creation of new blood vessels
  31. fulguration
    use of electric sparks to destroy a tumor
  32. bone scan
    used to detect tumors involving the skeleton
  33. ultrasonography
    uses high-frequency sound waves to create images
  34. mammography
    low dose x-ray to visualize breast tissue
  35. transducer
    probe that emits sound waves
  36. sonogram
    the record produced by ultrasound
  37. eversion
    position to turn outward
  38. inversion
    position to turn inward
  39. lateral decubitus
    lying down on the side
  40. recumbent
    lying down
  41. staging and grading of tumors
    system used to evaluate the extent and degree of tumors
  42. ionization
    to make an electrically neutral substances charged
  43. half life
    time radioactive substances need to breakdown by half
  44. retinblastoma
    tumor of the retina of the eye
  45. genetic screening
    test to determine if a person has a cancer causing gene
  46. sessile
    polypoid tumors extending from a broad base
  47. verrucous
    resembling a wart-like growth
  48. pedunculated
    tumors that extend from a stem or stalk
  49. ulcerating
    exposed surface resultant from dead tissue
  50. mucinous
    tumors filled with thick, sticky fluid
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terms for final quiz 13 cancer, radiology and nuclear medicine
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