terms for final quiz 14 Pharmacology and psychiatry

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  1. pharmacist
    specialist who dispenses medication
  2. idiosyncratic reaction
    unexpected effect of a drug not seen in most patients
  3. addiction
    physical and psychological dependence on a drug
  4. hypnotic
    class of drug that causes a sleep or trance like state
  5. aerosol
    particles of drug mixed with air to be inhaled
  6. generic name
    legal, non-commerical name for a drug
  7. IV
    route that administers medicine via a vein
  8. narcotic
    potent analgesics derived from opium
  9. tranquilizer
    medicine given to reduce anxiety
  10. sublingual
    under the tongue
  11. psychiatrist
    specialist who treats disorders of the mind
  12. mania
    extremely excited, elated state as with mental illness
  13. amnesia
    loss of memory
  14. dysphoria
    sad, depressed "bad" mood
  15. labile
    rapidly changing unstable emotional state
  16. dissociation
    to separate onself from uncomfortable feelings
  17. paranoia
    overly suspicious thinking and perceptions
  18. delusion
    fixed false belief
  19. apathy
    no sense of feeling or consideration for others
  20. compulsion
    uncontrollable urge to perform a task or ritual
  21. schizophrenia
    "split mind" social withdrawal and perception alterations
  22. mutism
    persistent inhibition of speech
  23. cyclothymic syndrome
    alternating extremes of depression and mania
  24. fugue
    abrupt "flight" away from one's normal locale
  25. play therapy
    therapy that aids children in expressing feelings
  26. phobic disorder
    irrational debilitating fear of an object or situation
  27. FDA
    organization that oversees drug approval for use
  28. antiemetic
    drug that eases and/or prevents vomiting
  29. anticonvulsants
    drugs that decrease seizure activity
  30. transdermal
    to administer a drug under the skin
  31. chemical name
    name of a drug based on its molecular structure
  32. toxicologist
    person who studies poisons and their antidotes
  33. cognition
    thinking, perception, reasoning, and judgment
  34. personality
    disorder in which a person's way of relating is distorted, inflexible
  35. sedative
    drug that induces a relaxed calm state
  36. antihistimines
    drug that relieves the effects of allergens
  37. intramuscular
    to administer a drug via the muscle
  38. psychologist
    professional that studies the mind
  39. flat affect
    little to no facial expression
  40. somatoform disorder
    mind-body mental disorder
  41. anxiety
    feeling of doom, extreme fear or emotional discomfort
  42. bulimia nervosa
    excessive overeating and subsequent purging
  43. prn
    abbreviation for "as needed"
  44. tolerance
    when the effect a drug decreases over time
  45. defense mechanisms
    techniques used to avoid anxiety or conflict
  46. hospital formulary
    list of medications used by a particular health facility
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