Cell Membrane 1001

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  1. Swelling of plant cell in a hypotonic solution. Plasma membrane pushes against cell wall
    Turgor pressure
  2. Macromolecules (large) enter and exit cell through vesicle formation
    Bulk Transport
  3. Occurs when vesicles form around LIQUID OR VERY SMALL PARTICLES
  4. Materials taken in by endocytosis are large cell must undergo..
  5. Cells take in substances by vesicle formation
  6. Vesicle fuses with plasma and secretion occurs (releases waste)
  7. MOLECULE OR IONS move through the plasma membrane accumulates inside or outside the cell
    Active Transport
  8. The rapid passage of WATER AND MOLECULES across plasma membrane (uses carrier proteins)
    Facilitated Transport
  9. Higher percentage of solute and lower concentration of water outside of cell (cell shrinks)
    Hypertonic Solution
  10. Lower concentration of solute and higher concentration of water outside of cell (cell intakes water and swell)
    Hypotonic Solution
  11. Solute concetration and water concentration are equal (No net movement of water)
    Isotonic Solution
  12. The diffusion of water across a differentially premeable membrane due to concentration differences
  13. Molecules are able to move across the cell membrane without being assisted by proteins
    Passive Transport
  14. Two parts of a solution
    • solute (dissolves)
    • solvent (dissolves in)
  15. A lipid found in the animal plasma membane; related sterpids are found in the plasma membrane of plants
  16. Contains various protein fibers and also very large and complex carbohydrate molecules
    Exracellular matrix (ECM)
  17. Swelling of plant cell in a hypotonic solution creates...
    tugor pressure
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