Anthro CH6

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  1. Band
    a band refers to a small kin-based group (all members are related by kinship or marriage) found among foragers.
  2. Tribes
    Tribes had economies based on nonintensive food production (horticulture and pastoralism).

    Tribes lacked a formal government and had no reliable means of enforcing political decisions.
  3. Chiefdom
    Chiefdom refers to a form of sociopolitical orginization intermediate between the tribe and the state. In Chiefdoms social relations were based mainly on kinship, marriage, descent, age, generation, and gender. They featured differential access to resources (some people had more wealth, prestige, and power than others did) and a permanent political structure.
  4. State
    The sstate is a form of sociopolitical orginaization based on a formal government structure and socioeconomic stratifaction.
  5. Sociopolitical typology
    Classification scheme based on the scale and complexity of social orginization and the effectiveness of political regulation; includes band, tribe, chiefdom, and state
  6. Conflict resolution
  7. Law
  8. Norms
    ...... are cultural standards or guidelines that enable individuals to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behavior in a given society
  9. Prestige esteem, respect, or approval for culturally values acts or qualities
  10. Blood feud
    a murderous feud between families
  11. Decent groups
    kin groups whose members trace descent from a common ancestor
  12. Gender stratification
    an unequal distrisbution of resources, power, prestige, and personal freedom between men and women
  13. Village head
  14. Big man
  15. Status/Status
  16. Ascribed Status
  17. Achieved Status
  18. Pantribal sodalities
  19. Age sets
  20. Secret societies
    made up exclusively of men or women
  21. Ideal types
    The chiefdom and the state, like many categories used by social scientists are ......
  22. Permanent political regulation
    A characterization of cheifdoms of how the territory is administered. They have a clea-cut and enduring regional politcal system
  23. Office
  24. Chiefly redistribution
  25. Differential access
  26. Stratum edogamy
  27. Stratification
  28. Wealth
  29. Power
  30. Prestige
  31. Superordinate
  32. Subordinate
  33. Vertical mobility
  34. Open-class system
  35. Caste systems
  36. Slavery
  37. Fiscal
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