Intro to FCS

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  1. What are three insights you gained by reading professional journals?
    • 1. info and research
    • 2. kept updated
    • 3. further education
  2. How have concerns and topics changed in FCS over the years?
    • 1. Change in pop.
    • 2. Family changes
    • 3. Ethnic diversity
  3. Short history of the FCS dept.
    • 1. Ellen H. Richards
    • 2. Scholarship hallway
    • 3. Lounge with Betty Lamp
    • 4. Small, so it's easy to find help
  4. 1st chairsperson in FCS dept?
    Jane Bogniard
  5. Current Chairspersn
    Dr. Moseman
  6. Faculity:
    • -Dr. Sullivan- FCS
    • -Dr. Wilkins- Child and family
    • -Dr. Moseman- Food and nutritiion
    • -Dr. Vanatta- Dietetics
    • -Dr. Morris- Fashion
  7. Dean of College of Arts and Sciences?
    Dr. Dawn Weber
  8. Assistant Dean?
    Mr. Michael Hupfer
  9. Where is College of Arts and Sciences located?
    Center for the arts

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Intro to FCS
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