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  1. What medication do you give for hypoglycemia?
  2. Glycosylated hemoglobin (HA1C) normal levels?
    4-6% or 5-7% depending on source
  3. Peopl with untread diabetes have what urination problem due to increase blood sugar causing more solute (hyperosmolarity of urine)
  4. Test to see blood sugar levels over past 3 months?
    Hemoglobin A1C (HA1C)
  5. Peak, Onset, Duration of Humulin 70/30.
    • Onset - 30 min
    • Peak - 2-12 hrs
    • Duration - 14-24 hrs
  6. Having blood sugar under tight control delays m____ and m____ complications.
    • microvascular
    • macrovascular
  7. Peak, Onset, Duration of Novolin N
    • Onset - 90 min
    • Peak - 4-12 hrs
    • Duration - 24 hrs
  8. Things to consider with diabetic meal schedules:
    - Avoid ____ in meals
    - Have on ____ schedule
    • Delays
    • Regular
  9. Risk factors for Type II diabetes:
    - F____ H____
    - O____
    - A____
    • Family History
    • Obesity
    • Age
  10. As a nurse at a senior citizen complex, a main goal during normal aging of residents:
    Health maintenance that promotes well being
  11. Best way to communicate with patient hard of hearing:
    - Limit b____ noise
    - Limit d____
    • Limit background noise
    • Limit distractions
  12. You think 84 y/o is victim of abuse. How do you approach?
  13. Two common dietary deficiencies in older adults.
    • Calcium
    • Iron
  14. As a geritological nurse, the needs of a person with stress and urge incontinence:
    - U____ E____
    Urilogical evaluation
  15. With advances in medication, what has happened to aging elderly?
    Age increased and living longer
  16. When asking health history with patient and daughter, whould you ignore the patient?
    NO, ask patient the questions
  17. As we get older, what happens to our sleep time?
  18. Name for unsteady gait?
  19. Goal for person with dementia in long-term care
  20. Thought to be responsible for symptoms of Alzheimer's disease:
    - C____ T____
    - P____
    • Cerebral Tangles
    • Plaques
  21. Normal Hemoglobin (Hgb) and Hematocrit (Hct) - H&H
    • Hgb Male 14-18, Females 12-16
    • Hct Male 40-54% Females 36-48%

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