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    the phase of the heart beat when heart ventricular muscle contracts and pumps blood from chambers -> arteries
    the phase of the heart beat when ventricular muscle relaxes and allows the chambers to fill with blood
  3. Cardiac Cycle
    the complete cycle of events in the heart from the beginning of one heart beat to the beginning of the next
  4. When are the AV valves closed?
    during ventricular systole
  5. What event within the heart causes the AV valves to open?
    when the ventricular pressure is lower than atrial pressure
  6. When are the semilunar valves closed?
    during the diastole of the heart as a whole and during atria systole
  7. What event causes the semilunar valves to open?
    the ventricular pressure is greater than the pressure in arteries leaving their chambers
  8. Are both sets of valves closed during any parts of the cycle? When?
    yes, momentarily after atrial systole and ventricular systole
  9. Are both sets of valves open during any part of the cycle?
  10. At what point in the cardiac cycle is the pressure in the heart the highest?
    ventricular systole
  11. Lowest?
    ventricular diastole
  12. What event results in the pressure deflection called the dicrotic notch?
    momentary increase in aortic pressure that occurs when semilunar valve snaps shut
  13. If someones heart rate is 80bpm, what is the length of the cardiac cycle?
    0.75 sec
  14. What portion of the cardiac cycle is shortened with a more rapid heart rate?
    ventricular relaxation
  15. What two factors promote the movement of blood through the heart?
    alternate contraction and relaxation of myocardium, and opening and closing of the heart valves
  16. The length of a normal cardiac cycle
    0.8 sec
  17. The time interval of atrial systole
    0.1 sec
  18. The ventricular contraction period
    0.3 sec
  19. The quiescent period, or pause
    0.4 sec
  20. The monosyllables describing the heart sounds are
    lub - dup
  21. The first heart sound is a result of the closure of the
    AV valves
  22. The second heart sound is a result of the closure of the
    semi lunar valves
  23. The heart chambers that have just been filled when you hear the first sound are the
  24. The chambers that have just been emptied are the
  25. Immediately after the second heart sound, the ___ and ___ fill with blood
    atria and ventricles
  26. Which valve is heard most clearly when the apical heartbeat is auscultated
    bicuspid valve
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