CH. 57 Bio Final

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  1. What is the competitive exclusion principle?
    States that two species competing for the same limiting resource(s) cannot coexist in the same niche
  2. What is the resource partitioning?
    The differentiation of niches, both in space and time, that enables similar species to coexist in a community
  3. (Camouflage) makes prey difficult to spot- the blending of an organism with the background color of its habitat
    Cryptic coloration
  4. What is the warning coloration that advertises an organism's unpalatable taste
    Aposematic coloration
  5. The resemblance of a species to another species and also secures protection from predators
  6. What are the two types of mimicry?
    Batesian and Mullerian
  7. What is the mimicry when a harmless species mimics a harmful species?
  8. What is the mimicry when two or more harmful species resemble each other?
  9. What is a (+/+) interaction and benefits both species?
  10. What is the (+/0) and is an interaction where one species benefits and the other is not affected. This is also difficult to document in nature because any close association likely affects both species
  11. What is the loss of available energy to higher tropic levels in the food web (food chain) and is the nitrogen limitation hypothesis?
    Bottom up model
  12. What is the successful biological control in terms of regulating population size?
    Top down model
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