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  1. What are the criteria for a just war?
    Just cause, just reason to fight during war, just reasons for peace after war ends
  2. Briefly explain virtue ethics?
    Doing with the intent of being a good person
  3. What is the relationship between epistemology and ethics?
    Epistemology is the theory of knowledge , ethics is applied knowlegde
  4. Explain agape?
    Public declaration ,such as having a wedding
  5. What is philia?
    Mutal particapation between 2 people engaging in knowledge
  6. Define plato eros?
    Becoming neurotic
  7. What is the golden mean for Aristotle?
    There's an excess and a deficiency and the mean in the middle is the virtue
  8. Briefly explain hedonism?
    what is right is what produces the most amount of pleasure for you over a lifetime
  9. Brief explain utilitarianism?
    pleasure is the ultimate human good. what is good is what produces the max amount of happiness for the community
  10. According to Thomas Hobbs why do we form social contracts?
    We give up our right for protection, natural state is work
  11. What is a challenge to hedonism?
    If you had to choice between two equal pleasuere you wouldn’t be able to
  12. What is the distinct between hypothetical and categorical imperative according to kant?
    Hypothetical has no desire of outcome, Categorical has desire of outcome
  13. According to simone why can not women be equal to men?
    Because men created the definition of women
  14. According to locke why do we form social contracts?
    To satistify our needs
  15. List 3 criteria for determine aesthetic valves?
  16. Describe 3 forms of government?
    • Democracy- Coercive Institutions is justified when the people rule
    • Anarchism- no Coercive Institutions can be justified
    • Liberalism- Coercive Institution are olny justified if it promotes liberty
  17. Why should we develop ethic of sexuality?
    • Traditional sexual morality develops the right habits for sexual virtue
    • it encourges chasity, fidelity and union of sex and love
  18. What s the problem with romantic love What is the differance between platonic and romantic love?
    • Platonic love is the kind of love between friends. No sexual relations. Loving, but not being in love.
    • Romantic love, contains all of the above along with sexual relations, that's being in love.
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