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  1. immigration
    country that receives you
  2. emigrant
    country that you are leaving
  3. to be conisidered a migrant
    movement across geographical boundaries: permanent
  4. seasonal workers are not
    migrants-not permanent
  5. types of migrants
    • 1.legal- government sanctioned
    • 2.undocumented-don't have permission
    • 3.refugees-fleeing home area- temp. status waiting to go somewhere
    • 4.asylees- fleeing home area- want to live in new place forever-applying
  6. push-pull theory of migration
    • -somethings pushing you out of old location
    • -somethings pulling you to a new location
  7. who migrates?
    • single, y ou adults
    • -in developed countries, no sex difference
    • -world wide, men for jobs
  8. immigrants considered
    neigher a loss or gain
  9. when people migrate they tend to go towards
  10. two ways people migrate
    • 1. step- inch further and further from home-helps minimize risk-baby steps
    • 2.chain- move to a place where lots of the folks back home reside- already have a support system
  11. xenophobia
    fear of strangers/foreigners
  12. consequences of moving
    • -culture shock and depression
    • - people of reproductive age- will increase population/not good if you are the country they move away from
    • -positive-send money back home
  13. U.S. Policy
    likes immigrants when its beneficial- politically or economically
  14. quota system law 1921
    • -only so many immigrants for certain areas
    • -cut off in 1960s-issue of proving paternity from vietnam
    • -trying to define persecusion
  15. social security
    • -women generallly get less, but need it more
    • -women earned less
    • -worker fewer years due to family obligation
  16. couple a- he $80k she $20k= larger ss check
    couple b- he $55k she- $45k - married 10+ years= benefits more
  17. equal pay act 1963
    same job, same conditions, get equal pay. title ix-can't discriminate in schools that get federal funding
  18. equal rights amendment
    • equality rights under the law shall no be denied or abridged by the U.S. or by any state on account of sex
    • -fear mongering-it passed unisex bathroom
  19. Family and medical leave act
    • -12 weeks unpaid leave to care for self, new baby, child, or parent and job or comparable job will be held
    • -if company has 50+ workers and you've worked there 1+years
  20. Sexual harassment
    • 1.quid pro duo- trade for sexual favors
    • 2.Hostile environment-sexual conduct that interferes with the work place. Example-nude calendars, sexual jokes
    • 3. documented, clear policy, discussion
  21. global gag rule:(mexico city policy)
    if abortion even mentioned by interantional group that gets U.S. federal funding- they are wholly defunded
  22. violence against women act-1994
    • -applies additional penalties to those convicted of domestic violence
    • -charge for destroying communication
    • -protection for undocumented immigrants
    • -cannot possess a firearm, even a service weapon
  23. trilogy of violence
    • 1. against women
    • 2. other men- crime victims (assault, homicide)
    • 3.against themselves- drug & alcohol- less likely to seek medical or psychological care- risky behaviors-suicide, playing hurt
  24. cycle of violence
    • honeymoon stage-> walking on eggshells
    • ->violent act->honeymoon stage
  25. holzworth-monroes
    • research of violence
    • -ladder of violence- starts small--> gets more serious
  26. types of men
    • 1.targets
    • 2. leaders
    • 3.audience-actively support the violence
    • 4. marginal men- not participating, but not stopping(afraid of becoming the targets)
  27. sodomy laws
    prevent no procreative sex-applied to certain groups- in certain instances
  28. okc board of education vs. national gay task force (1985)- first supreme case on gay rights
    • -can fire teachers who "publically advocate homosexuality"- problem:define advocate
    • -advocating-being gay in public
    • -SC- teachers can say what they want, but can't practice public acts of homosexuality
    • -changed under lawrence v. texas(2003)- sodomy laws illegal
  29. NO federal anti-discrimination law
  30. GLBT youth
    -5x more likely to skip school because of fear for safety, commit suicide, depression, drop out of school
  31. 1996- salt lake city
    shut down all extracurricular activities- so they would not have to include a gay-straight alliance
  32. 5 states say on homosexuality
    can't discuss homosexuality unless it is negative (public schools)
  33. hate crime prevention act
    2009- now include gender, identity, sexual orientation, and disability
  34. hate crime prevention act 2
    fire federal law to mention transgendered persons
  35. american indian
    native person of contiguous 48 states (also are a native american)
  36. Native american
    nativer persons + native alaskans and native hawaiians ( not considered an american indian)
  37. american indians and asian americans
    • not usually included in research- small number of these individuals
    • -lower income people also fall out of sample because they move more frequently, no address or phone number, and die younger
  38. 3 types of racism
    ideological, symbolic, institutionalized
  39. ideological racism
    believe one group is biologically inferior to another (not talked about in society as much) "i mean all of them, but not Juan"
  40. symbolic racism
    • "im not a racist but....."
    • -i don't support policies for making things more equal
    • -colorblind racism- if you can't see color then you can't fix the problem-must acknowledge it
  41. institutionalized racism
    built into an institution/system
  42. 14th amendment
    • -was the ground for "separate but equal"
    • -was not equal
    • -Brown v. Board of education 1954- struck down "separte but equal"
    • -Defacto- racially segregated schools because neighborhoods are segregated
  43. civil rights act of 1964(biggest piece of legislation)
    • -nondiscrimination in: voting/registration, public accomodations, public schools, restrooms, library, gas stations, transportation, employer and labor unions, housing (1968)
    • -congress did not have to comply with this act until later
    • -women added to list so that CRA of 1964 wouldn't be passed
  44. Housing and discrimination
    • banks refused to offer mortgages for certain neighborhoods
    • -desegregate
  45. blockbusting-
    shady realty companies offered a low cash payment to white-playing on their fears-move out for cash
  46. blockbusting created white flight
    whites left neighborhood- which created nitche market= prices go down-minorities have to sell to minorities
  47. affirmative action
    create equal opportunity for women and minorities- white women benefitted the most
  48. two kinds of affirmative action
    goals aa, quotas aa
  49. goals aa
    • -we'll make an effor to seek a diverse workforce
    • -almost nobody disagrees with this- more common
  50. quotas aa
    • -sets a number of minorities who must be hired/admitted/promoted
    • -rare-most companies don't use it
    • -don't need to hire a less qualified person
    • -scholarships-only a fraction are minority scholarships, most are minority plus
  51. employers have benefitted from aa
    helps to find the best employee-wider variety
  52. american indians
    • -citizenship 1924
    • -government recognition really matters
    • -land and mineral rights
  53. indian self determination assistance act (1975)
    -tribes could make own decisions in education, health, and welfare services
  54. indian child welfare act (1978)
    tribes could have more authority over childrens care
  55. does govt give money to tribes
    yes, of limited use
  56. racial profiling
    • -making assumptions about someone based on perceived races
    • -wastes police time and effort
    • -promotes fear and alienation of police
  57. control variable
    holding it constant
  58. african american babies born too small -x2 that of whites
    • due to unequal treatment? racism?
    • u.s. ranks 34 (23 if whites only)
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