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  1. what are the two mental low points during the day
    • 2-6 am
    • 2-6 pm
  2. process technicians and the mechanical,physical and/or chemical changes that occur during a process
    monitor and control
  3. what the follwing acronyms stand for
    • BFD-block flow diagram
    • PFD-process flow diagram
    • UFD-utility flow diagram
    • P&ID-process flow and insturmentation diagram
  4. An isometric drawing shows objects with a perspective of?
    30 degree angle
  5. extracting the oil or gas to the surface and transporting to other facilities for processing is called
  6. a substance found in the earth, such as oil or gas composed of chemical compounds consisting primarily of hydrogen and carbon is called
  7. a system of people, methods, equipment and structures that creates a product from other materials is called
    a process
  8. organic compound that contains only carbon and hydrogen is called
  9. the process of locating oil and gas reservoirs by conducting surveys and studies, drilling wells is called
  10. purifying a crude substance into other products is called
  11. an integrated group of equipment used to produce a specific product, all contained in a department is called
  12. what state was the first refinery built in
    pittsburgh, pennsylvania
  13. chemicals derived from petroleum products are called
  14. name two segments of the chemical industry
    basic chemicals

    cleaning chemicals
  15. name one of the early synthetic fibers mentioned in the book
  16. is a flow of electrons from one point to another along a pathway, called a conductor
  17. what is the most common and cheapest source for generating electricity
  18. name two other sources for generating electricity
    • nuclear
    • wind
  19. congeneration stations create electricity and for customers
  20. at og&e sooner plant, is burned to create steam
  21. the steam turns a which generates electricity
  22. what kind of power generation method that uses fission to split atoms to create heat for generating electricity
  23. in the 1800 petroleum was sold as a miracle tonic that people drank...true or false
  24. what is the purpose of a check valve
    These are valves that only flow in allow one direction, they eliminate backflow, preventing equipment damage and contamination of the process
  25. describe what a relief or safety vavle does
    These valves are used to protect equipment and personnel from over pressurization situations. both are designed to open and dischrage to a collection system when the pressure exceeds a present threshold. the only difference is the type of service there intended for (liquid or gas) and the speed at which they open
  26. why should a process technician avoid excessive force when opening or closing a valve
    it can warp the valve or damage the seat, preventing a good seal
  27. for high pressure, critical service pipes, which type of connection would be best
  28. list 3 different types of heat exchangers
    • reboiler
    • preheater
    • condenser
  29. why are pumps necessary in the industry
    to push the flow and keep the volictey at a steady rate
  30. section of tubes in the furnace that are not in the firebox and dont get direct flame exposure is called
    convection section
  31. a devise used to introduce, distribute, and mix air, fuel, and flame in the firebox is called
  32. the section of tubes in the furnace that are in the fire box is called
    radiant section
  33. an initiating device used to ignite the burner fuel is called
  34. partially closing a vavle with the porpose of restircting or controling flow is called
  35. section of tubes in a furnace that are above the firebox but still see the flames is called
    shock bank
  36. on a pump curve, if the flow rate through the pump decreases, the pressure the pump discharges is increased...true or false
  37. list an example of each type of heat transfer
    • radiant- sun
    • conduction- heat transfer through a solid
    • convection- heat transfer though a liquid or gas
  38. As speed of a fulid decreases, the pressure of a liquid
  39. list whether the following are physical changes or chemical changes:
    • water boiling- physical
    • gasoline burning- chemical
    • vinegar and baking soda reacting to form a gas- chemical
    • ice melting- physical
  40. ph is the number of ions that are in a solution that can react
  41. what is the smallest part of an atom
  42. a phase change in which solid changes to vapor is
  43. At what temperatur are the celsius and farenheit readings the same
  44. The amount of heat required to raise 1 pound of water 1 degree fahrenhiet is a
    british thermal unit
  45. any pressure lower then atmospheric pressure (14.7) is called
  46. As atmospheric pressure increases the boiling point?
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