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  1. thomas willis
    coined the term neurology
  2. Riel
    coined term pschiatrerie as a new discipline directed toward the cure of mental illness
  3. Psychotherapy
    • new
    • treatment approach, that took the place of “moral treatment” as the field of
    • science began to grow.
  4. Silas Weir Mitchell
    • develops
    • the “rest-cure” in 1852
  5. Mary Baker Eddy
    • - founder
    • of Eddyism a Christian science movement
    • - 1891-
    • the word psychotherapy is coined to describe a new and groundbreaking
    • form of medical treatment. Came to
    • describe dynamic psychiatry.
  6. Henry Goddard
    • conducted a study which found that there was nothing incompatible in the
    • simultaneous use of both drug therapies and mental therapeutics, but they were
    • mutually reinforcing.
  7. Herbert Hall
    • Father of OT” – a physician who treated
    • nervous illness and one of the early leaders of OT, felt the rest-cure approach
    • failed to recognize the fundamental role of the psyche and ones day to day
    • behavior in the etiology of nervous illness
    • o
    • Constructed the “work-cure” as a partial protest against the almost universal
    • application of rest in treatments
  8. Profession
    • a dignified occupation espousing an ethic of
    • service organized into an association, and practicing functional science
  9. Elanor Clarke Slagle
    • -“Mother of OT” proposed a 12mo course of training in 1922 and sthese standards were adopted in 1923
  10. Jean Ayres
    • developed a sensory integrative approach
    • Incorporated an evolutionary perspective in her attempt to explain how sensory experiences are understood,
    • incorporated, and utilized by human beings to allow for adaptation in one’s behavior.

  11. 1962-
    Mary Reilly
    • felt that the OT profession had lost its moorings and drifted from its original course and plan
    • Believed that the profession had lost its focus on occupation and challenged the profession to work more
    • diligently toward understanding occupation from an interdisciplinary perspective
    • Called for a return to founding
    • belief “that man through the use of his hands as they are energized by mind and
    • will, can influence the state of his own health”

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